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Genshin Impact Knowledge Quiz

Gem him stuff. This quiz is made for fun and the insults in this quiz are supposed to be jokes. Don't google answers or we will commit arson.

The Genshin Impact Knowledge test

Do you really know genshin impact? or.. are you just a fake fan? work in progress
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Let's test your FNAF knowledge!

How well do you know fnaf? (Very hard)

How well do You know NeverVerse? - [ REMAKE ]

This is a remake! Things about NeverVerse have changed a fair bit now (lore, stories, charcters, designs, and more!), so I decided it was time for an update. Good luck! (please note that this is a lot harder than the first version)

Just a fnaf 5 knowledge

Really I'm still working on the MHA/ BNHA quiz!

Guess the horror game! (you will never get 100% I bet)

Come and guess these famous horror games! there are ten questions and will get harder and harder and I bet you won't get full score. If you do, you're awesome.

How Well Do You Know About the DS Games?

Hi, I love the Nintendo DS. So I have made a quiz dedicated to my beloved console. If you had great memories with the DS and want to challenge yourself with these hard DS related questions, or want to relive your childhood, this quiz is definitely for you.

Minecraft IQ Test

How well do you know minecraft? The latest minecraft update at the time this quiz was made was 1.14.2. If you are taking this from a later version, it is possible that questions have been invalidated. Good luck. Disclaimer - none of the images used in this quiz belong to me

Guess Five Nights At Freddy’s animatronics

This does not have very much of help wanted or at there are sneak peeks though! Plus, I don’t want to hear “btu i cllicked toi Freddie!1!1!1!!1!” Deal with the fact that this is meant to be hard
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