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Which Sonic Character are you quiz

It's a quiz to see what sonic character you are so go nuts. I included all the characters except Big the Cat. If your wondering why it's because F@#$ck him.

How well do you know Hisame

Six questions to see how well do you know Hisame aka pickle boi from Fire Emblem Fates!
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Which DELTARUNE Character are you?

Find out which DELTARUNE character you are most like with this quiz! === Results Include: Kris, Susie, Ralsei, Lancer, Rouxls Kaard, Jevil, Seam, Noelle, Birdley, Temmie, Cattie, Jockington, Snowy, Monster Kid, Alphys, Sans, Asgore, Toriel, King Spade, Bratty, Catty, Undyne, Asriel, Burgerpants, Etc...

How Well Do You Know About the DS Games?

Hi, I love the Nintendo DS. So I have made a quiz dedicated to my beloved console. If you had great memories with the DS and want to challenge yourself with these hard DS related questions, or want to relive your childhood, this quiz is definitely for you.

Which Puyo Puyo Character Are You?

There hasn't been a lot of puyo quizzes, and ppt2 just came out. So, here's a quiz :D

Do You Know The Games I Play?

Basically the title. Do you really know the games I play? Mainly Nintendo Switch games.

Which Link are you?

Each Legend of Zelda game has a unique Link; though he is the same character, in each game he is slightly different. Which one are you most like?

How well do you know Yuri?

How well do you know Yuri from Fire Emblem Three Houses?

Which Legend of Zelda Race are you?

With months of research put into it, this quiz will accurately tell you which of the FIFTEEN(15) major Zelda races you are! With actual personality-based questions; long, descriptive results that describes the race's personality, role, and abilities; This quiz is definitely worth taking. WARNING...

Fire Emblem quote quiz

Quotes are from Awakening and Fates Some of them are easier than others

What's your fe fates class?

What promoted class from Fire Emblem Fates are you? If you tie then you get both! Good for rps or if you can't decide what to make your heart seal class. (Includes Ninetales and Wolfssegner) I apologize for any potential misspellings or inaccuracies in the quiz, I probably need like 20 hours of ...

Which color minecraft sheep are you?

which minecraft sheep are you? come take this random quiz i put together to find out. The questions are random and it’s just for fun.

choose some rhythm heaven minigame scenarios, get a rhythm heaven song with lyrics

its just that good ol' law of equivalent exchange, yknow? [14 questions & results]

Which Mario/Sonic girl are you?

I made this quiz before but then deactivated my account. Find out which Mario or Sonic girl is most like you!
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