Survive Glitchtrap

3rd Quiz! My sister helped me make this. :)

Could you survive the corruption?

It's no longer singing for fun...things are going to get really funkin this Friday Night!

Will you survive Whitty, the bomb head from fnf?

Lol*profanity* also if it you don't like roblox then don't take this!!!

Would you survive meeting Technoblade?

Can you survive meeting Technoblade? It's not as easy as it looks.

SCP containment breach - Will you survive?

Can you survive a containment breach in the SCP foundation? Let's find out!

Would you survive a Springlock suit? (FNaF)

Would you survive the sinister suit? We should find out! You will have 5 questions. Each will show you a different result... Good luck! Don't recreate Springtrap's demise!

Can You Survive?

You're locked in a house where the only way to escape is to kill someone. How long will you survive? Inspired by the Danganronpa and Zero Escape games.

Can You Survive The Night?

Do you have what it takes to get through a night of Freddy and the gang's mischief? Let's find out...

Will you survive Ennard in night 5?

How long will you survive in the Sister Location private room against Ennard? Or will you survive the whole night…?

Your DanganRonpa Life

What will your life in the killing game be like? Will you survive, or will you die? Take to find out. This will include SPOILERS so take at your own risk.
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