Which Afton Boy Likes You?

Uh, this is my first ever quiz, so enjoy! Also, this isn't really like an 'in love' quiz, it's just to see if they would like you.

What does William think of you?

Please don't take it serious. i Apologize if it's bad its my first one👹 also these pictures are not mine so credits to the originalssss !!!

How much do you know about the Afton family?

Do you think you know a lot or a little? Well take this quiz to find out!

What does Michael Afton (past) think of you?

(Cover art is not mine !!) The title...!! Have fun ig !! (please comment if you can--)

What does Chris Afton think about you?

Spend a day with Chris Afton (Crying Child) and find out what he thinks of you! Cover art is not mine.
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