Who has a crush on you in BATIM?

Let's see who has a crush on you in bendy and the ink machine! Mostly there are male characters so sorry boys! But there is Alice so be aware

Guess the horror game! (you will never get 100% I bet)

Come and guess these famous horror games! there are ten questions and will get harder and harder and I bet you won't get full score. If you do, you're awesome.

Which BATIM Character are You? BATIM Quiz

What Bendy and the Ink Machine character are you? Take this quiz to find out! :D \ WARNING: Remember, this is not going to be completely accurate! (NO IMAGES OR PHOTOS IN THIS QUIZ BELONG TO ME)

Would Bendy like you?

Bendy: So your going to put a description or? Me: Nah, I'm to lazy. Bendy: Figures.

What bendy and the ink machine character likes you

Batim quiz right here !!! Get your free copy idk what to put here XD

How will you survive Bendy and the Ink Machine?

Pretty self explanatory! How will you survive if you were to be apart of Bendy and the Ink Machine, and since chapter 2 is coming out next month, this is a perfect time to do this!

Who's your lover :3

Hello peps so is Freddy,bendy,baldi,cuphead,sans, tattletail,or twinkly winky your lover or do you get none. There is also 3 secret endings you can get from your options(all art in this is not mine/also adding more questions soon)

Bendy and the Ink Machine Fantest

Especially for bendy and the ink machine fans

Bendy x Female) Quiz

I'm already making too many Bendy quizzes...now I did this...I went too far this time...
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