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What Video Game Series Do You Belong in?

Find out what game series you belong in! Results include The Elder Scrolls, The Legend of Zelda, Fallout, Dead Island, Battlefield, Halo, Kingdom Hearts, Spyro, Assassins Creed, Infamous, Uncharted, Doom, Call of Duty, Skate, Need for Speed, Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsport, and Super Mario. Updated ...

Rate random photos I have saved

Let's see if you have the same weirdness as me by rating these photos I have saved on my computer!
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What Video Game Should You Be In?

This quiz is for people who like video games, or if you're just bored. This is also my first quiz, so try it if you dare.

Which Organization XIII Member Are You?

*I own none of the images used in this quiz* I was frustrated with the lack of ~quality~ quizzes on the subject, so my sister and I made this one. Hope you enjoy.

Go on a Lunch Date with Sora and see what he thinks

Sora x Reader Quiz! Go on a lunch date with Sora and see how he liked it. Choose outfits, your makeup, and order kingdom Heart or Disney inspired foods and accessories. Have fun!

What Keyblade would you use?

See what Keyblade you would wield in the face of all in your way. Over 44 results and more soon!

which kingdom hearts world would you call home?

There are many worlds, but they share the same sky... One sky, one destiny. (only original kingdom hearts worlds—no disney ones.)

Quale ragazza di Kingdom Hearts sei?

Scopri quale ragazza di Kingdom Hearts sei tra Kairi, Naminè, Xion, Aqua, Larxene ed Olette.

What is your Keyblade element?

Fair warning, this is gonna be another "answers seem obvious, but honest answers give honest results" simple quizzes. But it's necessary for another, more complex quiz I'll be making after this one. Possible results will include the three Keyblade elements (light, darkness, and heart...

Who's got your Kingdom Heart?

Which of these Kingdom Hearts boys will you get? I dunno, play and find out. Or don't. You probably have a paper or something you should be writing instead, but here you are. Taking a Kingdom Hearts quiz.

Valentines day which kingdom hearts character will give you valentine!

a quiz that you take to find out who your valentine is and what they give you haopy valentines day!!

What special Kingdom Hearts symbol are you?

The few symbols that appear throughout the series as a means of connection and whatnot... or something. Sea-salt ice creams, keyblades, paopu fruits... which describes you?

Twilight Academy

Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. What if the boarding school Twilight Academy had a wave of new students? What if you were one of them?

Which KH: Birth By Sleep Character are you?

Are you the powerful and conflicted Terra? Or maybe you're friendly and care-free like Ventus? Only way to find out is to take the quiz and find out for yourself!

Can you wield a Keyblade?

Before you start taking all the "Which Keyblade is yours" quizzes that litter the internet (especially Quotev), first find out, do you even wield? Might make more quizzes like this later.

Hows your Kingdom Hearts date go?

Find out which Kingdom Hearts character you will be going on a date with. Each date will take place in a different Kingdom Hearts world. Theres also a mystery character you can go on a date with.

How do you fall to darkness?

find out how you fall to darkness if you were in kingdom hearts!

Which Kingdom Hearts Character Do You Resemble Most?

Kingdom Hearts is a series of action role-playing games. Fairly popular at that. It's personally one of my favorite games. How about finding out which character you're most like? Please answer truthfully! Don't pick an answer just to try and get your favorite character. Results include:...
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