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Your Minecraft diaries life

Ever wonder what your life would be like in MC diaries? Well heres your chance! GIRLS ONLY
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Your Minecraft Diaries Life (Girls only)

Who are you in Jess' Original Minecraft Diaries? LONG RESULTS Disclaimer: I do not own any of the art

Which Aphmau Character is your Mom or Dad?

This quiz is so you can finally see who your Aphmau parent is!

Which Minecraft Diaries Character are you?

I hope you like this quiz sorry I missed some characters like Emmelyn, Lucinda and others I will revises this but this is what it will be for now but anyways be sure to join my groups and checkout my other quizzes you can find a link in the about section in my profile Note: none of these images belo...

Which MCD character would you date?

My first quiz, so no hate please. Also, I'm not the type to ask for follows or hearts or any of that, so do as you please. Bye my little cakes! ♥

What would be your Minecraft Diaries life?

This quiz is to see what woulb be yor Minecraft Diaries life. This series is made by Aphmau and I recomend watching this series if you havent. I hope you enjoy!

How well do you know Minecraft Diaries?

Test Your Minecraft Diaries Knowledge and See if you are a Minecraft Diaries Fan

Aphmau Quiz!

How well do you know Aphmau? Take this quiz to find out!

Which Diaries Character Are You Most Like?

A quiz to guess which Minecraft Diaries character you can relate to! This quiz is only for Diaries, and the creator has not watched MyStreet. Results include Aphmau, Garroth, Laurance, Dante, Kawaii~Chan, Katelyn, Vylad, Zenix, Gene, Zane, Sasha, and Travis.

how well do you know aphmau?

this one is pretty easy if you watch her tell me what you got in the discussion! Rules: no cheating! also no searching anything!

How well do you know Kawaii~chan

How well do you know Kawaii~Chan from Minecraft diaries this includes the side stories
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