Did you mean "undertale au"?

Undertale school au rp

I found a few of these and they were really fun, but I noticed there wasn't much of these around, so I decided to make one! This will probably be a series, but I'm not sure at the moment

Would The Murder Time Trio Like You?

Answer some questions and get your results- feel free to comment, leave suggestions or even message me! Also if ya want you can check out my other quizzes, I publish regularly ^^ Non of the art belongs to me.

Write a letter to Nightmare sans!

Write a letter to Nightmare sans, and (probably) have him write back! (Part 1/6 in quiz series) This is my first post, Please enjoy!

What do the Sans aus think of you?

None of the au sanses in this quiz belong to me, this quiz is made for fun, so don't take it too seriously! If I accidentally offended you in the quiz, I'm sorry

Sleepover with Duoverse (Updated)

This is an UPDATED sleepover roleplay quiz with my fanmade Undertale Multiverse, Duoverse. [WARNING: Words that might trigger you] If I accidentally offended you in the quiz or results, I'm terribly sorry (Also I won't be speaking at all in this quiz, just writing down what to say, Idk why e...

Do you know- Undertale AUs

Do you really know Undertale AUs? Take this quiz to test your knowledge :D

Which Sans are you?

My first quiz! Results are Error, Ink, Nightmare, Dream, Blueberry, and Fell. Also, none of these pictures are mine.

What do the Star Sanses think of you?

A little rp quiz you can take when you’re bored. What WOULD they think of you? (Title Art by www.deviantart.com/thelazysense )

Guess the Sans AUs based off terrible descriptions! The remake!

As you read the title ( Unless you can't read ), this is a remake of one of my first quizzes that were successful.

Sans AU sleepover part 1

My first quiz, please don't judge. Also read the title. That's it... ? Warning: Swearing (Censored), Deeper story, Maybe a little inaccurate, Truth or Dare, My own opinions. You can disagree with me. It's ok, Skeletons calling (possibly) your OC human, mild (maybe) Violence.

Which AU Sans is most like you?

Answer some questions and ta da- you have your Sans! None of the art belongs to me and feel free to comment or leave suggestions and check out my other quizzes! :D

What does Horror!Sans think about you?

The title says it all. From a lover to lunch, let’s find out what this crazy skeleton thinks about YOU! (Title art by www.deviantart.com/mochiyy )

Guess the Undertale Aus

Everything you need to know is in the quiz!!

Which Undertale AU do you belong in?

Have you ever wondered if you were Frisk, which AU would you be fated to fall in, or the Undertale AU that's right for you? Well find out here! Note, I might not get EVERY single AU in here, so sorry for that xD

Which Bad Sans Are You Most Like?

Answer some questions and see who you get! If your new to my quizzes feel free to check out my others I have tons and upload regularly- also feel free to comment or message me. None of the art belongs to me either ^^
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