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Which Vampire is your soulmate!

Ever thought if you are meant to be with one of those sexy bloodsucker you only managed to watch on TV? Here's a chance to find out; to which vampire does your heart and soul belongs to.

Which Main Character from Twilight Are you? Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black...Or else?

I'm pretty sure the title describes exactly what this quiz is about *wink*. I've taken this fresh take, learning from all the quizzes out there! There are 7 Results here, so you can be someone OTHER than the 3 Main characters of this Love Triangle, yet epic Paranormal series! –––If you like ...
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Which Twilight male character adores you?

Vampires of good and bad, werewolves, humans... Have you ever wondered which male character from twilight would fall for you? Spend two minutes on this quiz and get the answer!

Twilight Movie Trivia

I am back with another quiz of one of my passions, I know it's been a while since I published a quiz because I've been very busy these days, but here it is. This quiz is to determine your knowledge on the first Twilight movie. I decided to only just do this Twilight quiz then all of the othe...

Twilight Boyfriend - Jacob Black or Edward Cullen?

Who is your twilight boyfriend? From mysterious vampire Edward Cullen or alpha shapeshifter Jacob Black? Take the quiz to find out!

Create your mansion & I show you your true love movie/tv show character

Create your future house, and I'll show you your true love tv show/movie character. Pretend you are building a new house, so it's time to create your dream mansion!

Your Twilight Life *Long results*

Includes a story, your soulmate, where you were born, your friends, and what species you are (some stories involve a change of species).

Who is your Twilight Soulmate?

I wanted to make a quiz on who your Twilight soulmate would be. I've included male and female characters but I've stuck to those over 18 (so Seth Clearwater isn't an option - sorry!) The wolves are added in the results too. Thanks for taking the quiz, also click the link to support blm: ...
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