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How Masculine/Feminine are you?

Based off of 20th century gender norms in the western part of the world, are you considered masculine, feminine, or somewhere in between? FOR ALL GENDERS

Which Medieval Dress Do You Wear?

Just something I made out of boredom. Sorry if the writings bad or if there's not enough questions or something.
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Interactive DSMP GN!Self-Insert | Pt. 2

Dream SMP Interactive Story |#| Pt.2 |#| Continue<~ |#| TW : Blood , Violence , Cursing , Ect


In a world full of super heroes and super villains, don't turn a blind eye to those next to you. { GENDER-NEUTRAL READER, FEMALE RESULTS }

What kind of Immortal are you? GENDER NEUTRAL

Ever wanted to know if you were an angel? Or maybe you're a demon. Come find out with me! Oriented towards females but anyone can take it!


The Track Team is offering you a spot on their team, do you accept? { GENDER-NEUTRAL READER, FEMALE RESULTS }

the fallen angel : black butler rp (part 3)

Ciel and Sebastian have gone out to by to some clothes for you and have left you at the manor. but what happens when a unexpected guest arrives?


Fallen angels happen to fall for you. Remember they have fallen from heaven too, they are closer to hell now. { GENDER-NEUTRAL READER, FEMALE RESULTS }

Pick some deserts, I give you a new name.

Pick some deserts and I give you a new name. ~ Also you get to enjoy pictures of food, so, yeah. This quiz is gender neutral-ish.

Your Gender Neutral Name

So many questions. Some would say too many. So many results. Take your time, and you’ll find one that’s right for you.

Your Fantasy life

⏃ gender neutr⏃l quiz I w⏃s ⏃lso kind of l⏃zy with this quiz- 29/07/2021 __________________________________________ Choose between ⏃nswers to get ⏃ good or b⏃d ending 30/07/2021

dream partners!

where i ask you what is your dream partner like. ━ ♡︎ 🕸️ ≛ 🏁 # ◗ 𖦹 all of the love interests are my ocs, i waste to much time daydreaming and creating fake scenarios and now i’m attached to these men. :((( 𖦹 while all of the love interest are male, i tried to make this as gender neutral as possibl...

Your role in a fantasy novel (now gender neutral!)

Ever wondered who you would be in a fantasy world? Take this quiz to journey to an enchanted world and discover your place there. Quiz is suitable for boys, girls and all my non-binary friends!!!
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