Harry Potter Story Thing

Help me make a main character for a Harry Potter book I'm making (hopefully I make it lol)

Your Harry Potter Story . *for girls*

Find out what your life at Hogwarts would've been like: includes boyfriend, subjects, friends, background, house and opinions :)

What's Your Harry Potter Story?

Find out your BF, you BFF, your future, and what everyone thinks of you!

Your awesome Harry Potter story!

Its my first quiz so go easy on me!anyways, find out your name, house, bloodstatus, boyfriend, friends, what people think of you, and much more! Hope you like it!

How much do you know about Harry Potter stories?

This quiz is only from the books I have not seen all of the movies yet.

Your Harry Potter Story

What would happen to you if you were at Hogwarts? Please comment!

Harry Potter Story

Your Harry Potter story! This one is different than most, I promise!
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