I will tell you your hogwarts house based in your reaction

I will describe various situation and you have to answer how you would truly react to them and I will sort you into a Hogwarts house.

Stereotypical Hogwarts House Quiz

So this is a parody of stereotypical hogwarts house quizzes on the internet. Note: This is just a parody and is for fun! I DO NOT think this way of the hogwarts houses. So please don't take this the wrong way and think I think this way of the hogwarts houses.

What's your Slytherin hybrid house?

I decided to make this because why not celebrate a bit of Slytherin pride? basically, the point is, this will tell you if you're a Slytherpuff, Slytherclaw, or Slytherdor. refrain from complaining or die.

What mix of Hogwarts houses are you?

Are you a True Gryffindor or Ravenclaw or are you a GryffinPuff or a SlytherClaw? Find out with this quiz! (The picture for the questions at the end are random,just letting you know)

Which kind of Hufflepuff are you according to Total Drama?

In tribute to the Ask Magical Total Drama blog on Tumblr, find out now what unique type of Hufflepuff you are according to the characters from Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race in Ravenclaw. Once again, the images don’t belong to me.

What is Your Hogwarts House?

Hi everyone! Ever wonder what your Hogwarts house is? Are you bored right now and want something to do? Well, either way, come try my quiz! Thanks

Your Hogwarts House ️

Find out which Hogwarts house you belong in! I think it is reasonably accurate. (Hopefully) Enjoy😊 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images used all credit goes to the creators.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Life (Long Results!)

Let's get back to 1920's. What fantastic beast(s) would you own, raise, or come across? What'd be your blood-status and family name? What country would you come from? Who'd be your friends and enemies? Shortly, what'd be the story of your life?
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