Your hogwarts life (long results)

Long results with house, blood status, live life, friends, and even more ENJOY

Hogwarts life (long results)

Includes boyfriend/girlfriend, future, what others think about you, friends, house, etc.

Hogwarts Life - Long Results!!

Ever wondered your life in the Wizarding World? Well, here you can take a quiz to discover your future, your career path, your best friends, your boyfriend, and your favorite memories at Hogwarts! This quiz has boy results, let me know if I should do a girls version! This quiz has LONG RESULTS! I AD...

Your Hogwarts Life (Long results)

Want to know what would your life at Hogwarts look like? This quizz will reveal your name, your house, your wand, your animal, your Quidditch position, your Yull Ball dress, your boyfriend, how you two met, personnality, etc. I hope you enjoy it!:) I do not own any of the pictures** *Results for gir...

Your Hogwarts Life (Long results - only results for girls)

Just a quiz to see your Hogwarts Life - or, more like, what life will you get among my past ocs which didn't get to be in my HP fanfic? (All of them are straight - sorry! I'll try to make another one!) Enjoy!

Your Hogwarts Life*Long Results*

Find out how your life is in Hogwarts all the way through your 1st to last year and when your children go to Hogwarts. Includes bf/crush , bff's , house, blood status, family, and description of each year. Recommend to Friends! GIRLS ONLY!! Comment if want a BOYS or LGBTQ. THX😍😘🥰💖.

Hogwarts Life (Long Results & For Girls Only)

These quiz results include Your HP Life, Yule Ball Night, Your HP Boyfriend & heaps of cool facts about your life if you lived in the wold of Harry Potter. This is my first quiz so I hope you enjoy your results!

What your Hogwarts life? (Long results)

Want to know what your time at Hogwarts would be like? Take this quiz to find out your house, friends, family, and even who you'll fall for.

Hogwarts Life Long Results (girls only)

My first quiz! find out your Hogwarts life! sorry for any mistakes or spelling errors. this quiz is just for fun.

Your Life at Hogwarts ~Reasonably Long (And Unexpected!) Results~

You've been accepted into Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Congratulations! Find out your role in this universe of destiny, intertwined fates, and magic. Answers are girls, but everybody is welcome! Results are decently long.

HOGWARTS LIFE ( long interesting results)

So..... What is your Hogwarts house? Who is your bestie? And enemy? Which hp boy is your soul? What is your personality??? Wanna know? COME HERE THEN.....
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