Your Life As A Vampire In Twilight

What is your power? Who is your boyfriend? What are you in the vampire world? Will you have a happy ending? I would say girls n' gay guys only but you know...I don't care if you're a straight guy and want to take it go ahead!

Who is your Twilight Soulmate?

I wanted to make a quiz on who your Twilight soulmate would be. I've included male and female characters but I've stuck to those over 18 (so Seth Clearwater isn't an option - sorry!) The wolves are added in the results too. Thanks for taking the quiz, also click the link to support blm: ...

Your Twilight Lover (Cullens/Hale)

Who is your lover in the twilight saga? *LONG RESULTS* sorry, this is a girls only quiz, unless your gay. The results are Carlisle, Edward, Emmet, and Jasper. HOPE YOU ENJOY!🍎❤❤❤ Cullen boys only!

Which Cullen is your soulmate?

Find out which of the amazing Cullen's is your soulmate. This quiz is for boys and girls, all the Cullen's are options. Hope you enjoy!

Which Twilight character is right for you? (Boyfriend Quiz)

I LOVE TWILIGHT AND IM A HOPELESS ROMANTIC WHO WILL PROBABLY DIE ALONE WITH FOOD BLAH BLAH BLAH. But. Take this quiz to find which TWILIGHT SEXY MAN is ferr yewww c: YES there is a story in the results!
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