Did you mean "lemon snicket"?

Lemony Snicket quiz

Lemony Snicket quiz

Who in VFD are you most compatible with?

Out of these questions, which of these VFD members would you be closest to platonicaly or romantically? (a quick little quiz I made for fun)

A series of unfortunate events life(Female)

Says it in the title. Long results and the quiz is kinda long too. All of them die, by the way. So you should look away from his sorry quiz and take another one on the littlest elf or anything happier than this.

Which of the Baudelaire Children are you?

For the Series of Unfortunate Events fans! Just got into this series, more than halfway through, and I LOVE it, so hey, why not make a quiz?

Can you wing it with Lemony Snicket?

How much do you know about A Series Of Unfortunate Events? This quiz is only about the thirteen novels detailing the story of the Baudelaire orphans. It does not contain questions about other books such as the Beatrice Letters. Put your knowledge to the test!
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