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What kind of queen are you?

Hello! I'm here to present you a short and cute quiz "What kind of queen are you?" I hope you'll enjoy it ^^

What element are you | INFLAYDION VERSION

This is a quiz based on personality! No colour asked nonsense... This quiz has 52 questions. It's based on what I believe fits with an element. Result needs to get a better description though... No worries... Good luck!
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Cliched 24 - Medieval fantasy (12)

You can enjoy a cliched dungeon this time. //Sorry, but I'm too tired now to write the usual warnings, so I just can hope that you won't be surprised when you find cliches and extreme character types in this story, because it's a parody and experiment. Other errors are due to lack of sle...

MFR OC test

Test your OC here before posting in the Medieval Fantasy Roleplay group!

Landsknecht pt. 3 (English) The storm

In towns rumors spread of a tower, but it is only once you resolve your inner conflict that their ropes latch on and demand your direct attention.

Which Fantasy Life are You Living? *Human Version*

Will you be Royalty, a Soldier, a Career Woman, or a Pirate? (If you liked this quiz or just like fantasy, you should go check out my non-human version!)

Cliched 23 - Medieval fantasy (11)

Almost as if paying homage to the current weather (at least that of my country) in this chapter you'll wander about in a scorching desert. And of course you'll encounter a few cliches. //This story is an experiment and parody. So extreme characters and cliches are intentional, but grammatica...

The Kings Captive-Prologue

You are Princess y/n, you are the daughter of Emperor Karl Franz, leader of the "Empire of Sigmar". Your father is campaigning in faraway lands and has left you to watch the Empire in his absence.

Cliched 22 - Medieval fantasy (10)

Wulf finally got the information you've all been looking for and swings into action. Finally it's time to save Hero and fight an epic battle against to evil usurper of the castle...! Nope, this is not that kind of story. //This is a parody and experiment! In other words I concentrate more o...

The Kings Captive-Part 1

You are Princess Y/n, you've just been kidnapped by enemy's of the Empire when your carriage crashed after reforming the Empire.

What kind of queen are you?

Are you a good queen or a bad queen?

Your Medieval life (For any gender)

Your Medieval life. Discover what you would have been like.. blah blah words. Life you would have had in the Medieval times. I don't know what more to wright. It's self explanatory. But, this is for any gender :)

Cliched 21 - Medieval fantasy (9)

You continue your undercover mission (in reality: you continue washing the floors of the castle), hoping that you find out where the evil mage keeps Hero as a prisoner. Then you get a break from floor-washing, you are sent to the casstletown to buy some things for dinner. Would it be a chance to mee...

Will You Survive As A Ruler?

This is a story time quiz in which you can get to be a king/queen and experience the royal life!
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