which sad kin of urs truly are u ?

Trigger warning for mention of the word tr@um@ in the first question idk if i should tw that or not but just in case !!! anyways enjoy the quiz !!!

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Which Bear Talk character are you? (ELN's YouTube Series)

Which Bear Talk character are you from Ender Luigi Nightmare's YouTube series? There's 20 possible characters to get! ;) Enjoy! (You could get: Ballora, Bendy, Bonnie, Circus Baby, Chica, Constance, Foxy, Freddy, GLaDOS, Groudon, Luigi Mario, Nightmare Freddy, Puppet, Rocko, Springtrap, Stev...

This isn't just an illusion Supernatural One Direction. Chapter 10.

Fighting, fighting and more fighting is enough for you in this horror house. Will the boys hurt you? Will they hurt each other? You know for a fact that this monster house isn't safe for you, and where the hack are your brothers? Are they hurt? You need to leave this house ASAP. First, you need ...