Seven Minutes In Hogwarts Heaven GIRLS ONLY

(for the purpose of this Oliver Wood is in the year above the twins.) You are a girl in the year between the golden trio and the twins (you are in your fifth year). You are the first to stick your hand in to the bag and you pull out...

Create A Playlist To Find Out Your Harry Potter Soulmate

Create a playlist to find your Harry Potter Soulmate! Your possible results include Harry, Ron, Draco, the twins, Oliver, Nevill and Cedric. I did my best to match the characters with songs I feel matched their vibe. Anyone have any good music recommendations? Enjoy!

Which Harry Potter boy has a crush on you?

Remember this is just my opinion, so to me this is accurate but you know :,) I made over 20 possible results with over 20 questions, have fun! This includes boys and men from Harry Potter AND couple from Fantastic Beasts. Everyone is welcome to do this.

HP Romanian Adventure (pt.2)

Pt.2! After a long trip, you finally arrive in Romania! You'll take an interesting form of travel to Charlie's humble home. Get ready to settle in! Things will kick off from here.

your 100% accurate harry potter soulmate by two Quotev Historians

the last shreds of our dignity have left so we decided to produce this lovely quiz for you. answers are non negotiable (meaning you may not retake the quiz just because you get an unwanted result) :) enjoy :)
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