Which is your Blood-Status?(Harry Potter)

It includes: Pure Blood Half-Blood Muggle Born (And Muggle! Dont't forget to give a ❤️,Comment and Follow me!! Bai!!

Which Pure-Blood Family Line are you? - Harry Potter

Take this quiz if you are a pure-blood to find out which family line you belong to! All of the Sacred Twenty Eight included! I included anything I couldn't find based on what I think the families are like! Thanks!

How Much Do You Know About The Wizarding World?

5 RESULTS !!! Come test your knowledge on the wizarding world. But beware questions hide inside only the true Potterheads know.

Hogwarts life (LONG results)

Harry Potter life. Not finished with results but basics are there and they have enough information for basic results. Girls only. Straight, bi, lesbian, and asexual results.

Weasley Knowledge Test

Test your Knowledge from the Books and Films. See how much you know about our favourite Pure-Blood Wizarding Family.

Are you a muggle, muggle-born, half blood, or pure blood?

If you answer these questions I'll tell you which blood status you are!

What is your blood status?

This isn’t necessarily a knowledge quiz but more of an attitude quiz! 😁
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