Your MCU Life *ೃ༄

( girls only, sorry, another one might come soon <3 ) if you've ever wanted a life in the marvel cinematic universe, this is your chance to discover what it might have been like ༄ warning: spoilers!

Which member of Magneto's family are you?

I'm a big fan of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and have recently been VERY interested in Polaris so I figured I might as well just make a quiz for Magneto's family. Here you go. Enjoy! Might do a later one with the Wanda and Pietro's kids

Avengers Life (Long Answers)

GIRLS ONLY WITH LONG ANSWERS! Your life in the Avengers Universe! Which of the six OC's I've created are you? Includes skills, powers, love interest, looks and how you met the Avengers. Enjoy!

Are you more like Pietro or Wanda?

I know there are a lot of quizzes like this, but I couldn’t resist making one of my own. Enjoy!

Which of these gay Marvel ships could you embody?

SPOILERS! Long Results Be caught up on MCU There is Scarlet Widow (Natasha x Wanda), Sambucky (Sam Wilson and Bucky obv), Stony (Steve and Tony obv), Valcarol (Valkyrie and Carol), and some that I think would be cool like Adaptoid13 (Sharon x Yelena), MockingBelova (Bobbi Morse x Yelena Belova), and...

In The Avengers would you be on Loki's or the Avengers' side? (Roleplay)

A fun little role-play quiz! Don't think this is going to be an easy quiz, I'll really *properly* determine whether you'd be on Loki's or the Avengers' side!
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