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Your Hogwarts Soulmate (Harry Potter)

A quiz created by me made with pure entertainment and joy. This quiz is not meant to be taken seriously as I cannot know which person would end up with which character. This is purely for fun and entertainment purposes. Your Hogwarts soulmate is whoever you feel like your heart belongs to regardless...

What marauder are you? (Lily, Regulus and Snape included)

What marauder are you? Are you James,Sirius, peter or Remus? Maybe your also regulus (Sirius brother), Lily (Harry’s mother) or Snape?
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Who are you to Severus Snape?

Are you his girlfriend? Are you his best friend? Are you just friends? Are you just classmates? Are you enemies? Does he even know you? Take this quiz to find out.

Who will take you to the Yule Ball? (Marauders era)

You're a young student in Hogwarts. The Winter Ball is tomorrow night and you still don't have a partner... But little do you know that you've got a lot of male admirers and that things could change quickly. Results includes: James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Seve...

Which Marauder likes you the most?

heyyyy, so its been a couple months but im back *kinda*. so ik I have a v similar quiz already up on my profile but im uncreative and was running out of ideas. this is a platonic version of the last quiz so if u wanted romance or whatever u can check out the other one. thx :) (also fck jk Rowling, b...
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