Awkward Yes Or No Questions!

Saw many quizzes like this so I thought why not do one too? You know for fun! Remember, no one will see your answers so answer truthfully

Which Cartoon Character are you?

^^Ever wanted to know which cartoon character relates to your personality? TAKE the quiz and find out! :)

Your Life In The Hunger Games?

Have You Ever Wondered What Your Life In The Hunger Games Would Be Like? Boyfriend? Allies? District? Volunteering? Sponsors and Last But Not Least Would You Survive? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

The Ultimate Fictional Boyfriend Quiz

Fandoms: Sherlock, Supernatural, Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Teen Wolf, Shadowhunters, Marvel, Skulduggery Pleasant, Gilmore Girls. There are 30 results and 30 questions 😉 Good luck.

Which 74th Hunger Games character are you?

Take this quiz if you want to find out which 74th Hunger Games character you are :)) Answers include Katniss, Peeta, Cato, Clove, Glimmer, Marvel, Thresh, Rue, and Foxface.
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