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who is your fictional boyfriend

Choose random things and get a fictional character, please dont be mad at me if you dont get what you want

Your Umbrella Academy Life

Take the quiz and find out what powers you would have, what your siblings think of you, and how you lived at the academy. This version has only women as answers - there are versions with different characters (not just the same characters with different genders and names) for non-binary people and me...
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What’s Your Umbrella Academy Life?

You are Number Eight, of course. But who are you really? What are your powers? Who do you trust? Who do you love? FEMALE ONLY, APOLOGIES if there’s enough of a request I’ll make a male one though...

Guess the Characters of Dallas

How well do you know the characters of The Umbrella Academy: Dallas?

Who is your Umbrella Academy Soulmate? (Girls Only)

This is for Girls to figure out their Umbrella Academy soulmate

Who you should date from The Umbrella Academy

Who you should date. The umbrella academy. Luther, Deigo, Klaus, Five, and Ben.

Who is your Umbrella Academy soulmate? (Guys Only)

This is for Guys to figure out their Umbrella Academy soulmate.

Which TUA boy is your soulmate?

The long awaited sequel to “which TUA girl is your soulmate”— this one is for if you like men lol. Again, this quiz is for anyone, regardless of your gender :)
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