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Which Vampire is your soulmate!

Ever thought if you are meant to be with one of those sexy bloodsucker you only managed to watch on TV? Here's a chance to find out; to which vampire does your heart and soul belongs to.

What Is Your True Blood Color?

Have you ever felt disconnected or otherwise unsatisfied with the caste linked to your zodiac sign? If so, this could be a fun way for you to find out which caste is truly best suited to your personality, arbitrary birth dates be damned. This took so long to make, so please leave a like or friendly ...
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What supernatural Pondbell "Other" are you (Extremely accurate, long results)

This quiz is for everyone and it's for my new book "Pondbell" I hope you enjoy it. It's a very long quiz so I suggest you get very relaxed lol. If you have any suggestions please message me same goes if you have any questions.

What Kind of Creature Would You be in True Blood

Find out whether you're a vampire, shape-shifter, goddess, etc in this quiz. Also includes the creature you're best paired with

What Kind Of Vampire are you?

In a medieval era where the Black Plague is at it's peak, death stands by every mortal's doorstep... Except yours. (RP-ish quiz, inspired by tons of vampire fandoms. And the plague has no real role in this quiz, so, yeah XD Hope you like it!)

True Blood Boyfriend

Find out which True Blood guy is just for you!

Which vampire would fall for you?

So many choices... *wiggles eyebrows* 5 results in total. Lol (True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries) By the way... It's my first quiz, so.. Em, I hope you like! :D

Which True Blood character are you?

Always wanna know which character from the TV show ''True Blood'' has the same personality as you? Then you really have to take this quiz!
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