Your Life In The Wizarding World

Discover your life in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Long quiz and long results! Results will include your boyfriend/husband. For girls!

which harry potter ghost loves you?

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Which Harry Potter house are you in?

I've been seeing a lot of these, but none on Quotev. I hope you enjoy!

Write a Letter to Hermione Granger and See What She Thinks of You ~

Write a letter to Hermione and see what she thinks of you! Disclaimer: All things having to do with HP belong to JKR. Not me. Hope you enjoy! Edit: OH MY FREAKING GOSH! How did this quiz get over 100+ takers and 1 heart the day after it was posted? Thank you so so so so much!!!

which Fantastic Beasts character is your soulmate?

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Where in the wizarding world should you live?

Wanna know where you should live if you were in the wizarding world? then take this quiz.

Which Wizarding Family Do You Belong In?

Roses are red. You are a liar. hArRy, DiD yA pUt YoUr NaMe In Da GoBlEt Of FiYaH?!?

Wizarding World Trivia

Are you ready for your OWLS? This quiz will test you’re knowledge of everything Harry Potter, from Hermione’s middle name to the invisible creatures pulling the Hogwarts carriages. Do you think you can pass your ordinary wizarding levels? DISCLAIMER : NOTHING MENTIONED OR SHOWN IN THIS QUIZ IS MINE...
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