Who is Your Godly Parent? (Minor gods included!)

I know that this quiz topic is overused and cliche, but I tried really hard to make this as accurate as possible, and I'm really proud of how it turned out! So please share this quiz and thank you for stopping by!

Which Character from "The Underground Society" Are You?

Which character from Caroline Wood's "The Underground Society" are you? Sweet and caring like Fynn? Chaotic and eccentric like Jodi? Take the quiz to find out!

Which one of these YA fiction characters is your soulmate?

Wanna find out who your one and only (fiction) soulmate is? Take this quiz and find out! :D Includes: Minho, Newt, Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Fred and George Weasley,Percy Jackson, Travis and Connor Stoll, Peeta Mellark, and Finnick Odair

What Divergent character are you?

As it says in the title. Many characters included. SPOILERS WARNING (don't quiz if you haven't finished Allegiant yet!)

Which character from Emily's Trial are you most like?

Take this quiz to see which character in Emily's Trial you are most like. Are you the hero type? The brains of the group? Are you the one people look to for courage? Take the quiz and learn more about the characters - and yourself.

Which Fort Sainte-Marie Character are you?

This is a quiz based on my first YA fiction novel, Fort Sainte-Marie. I'm not sure how good it will be but have fun. I might add more questions later on if I think of them. P.S. All the pictures were drawn by me.