Sarah 14
Random cottagecore girl who lovesย  5sos, maze runner, marvel, the hunger games and horror movies.
wants to be a writer and has great plots but dosent know how to start her story :/
loves dogs and any cute small animal
Loves drawing ( im kinda good at it and getting better :) ) and reading, my favorite book is " they both die at the end" wich made me cry like hell, but it was worth it
right now reading The kill order
when i read i like to listen to Ludovico Einaudi, its clasical music but it has its spice, besides its litteraly imposible to read with liric music without geting all messed
i like stranger things, lock & key, alice in wonderland
relly insecure and anti social
im a total bookworm jasjas
Zeta ( the one with a girl in the subway with green jacket profile picture ) is litteraly my cousin, AND we are wrighting a book wich we will upload once we are finished :), we are completly diferent, she is the crazyest person ive met, im quiet and can spend the day reading and writing the book :)ย 


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