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Just Like James Potter || Fred Weasley

Ryan Potter is a brilliant Ravenclaw. People expect great things from her. There's just one problem. Her best friends happen to be the Weasley twins. Together, the three are unstoppable pranksters, determined to make Hogwarts miserable for bullies and Slytherins alike. Detention is like an extra...

A Different Sort of Trio (Harry Potter)

There are an infinite numbers of realities and in this one, Harry James Potters best friends are Freya Jem Weasley and Will Francis Granger. Join this different sort of trio through all seven years of Hogwarts as adventure awaits, difficulties with love ensue, and danger approaches swiftly with each...
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Watching The Movies

What happens when eight movies and a note from some one claiming to be from the future shows up on Halloween of 1977. If you're reading my other fanfic, Serenity Lily Potter, don't read this(or do and get a lot of things spoiled).

My Filthy Mudblood. (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Secret by secret, the entire life of Aubrey Granger is exposed. When people realize her outside beauty is covering up dark secrets.Yet, no matter the situation, why is Draco Malfoy always there? Why does Draco Malfoy care about Aubrey? Is it because he has one thousand galleons on the line? Or does ...

The Malfoy Girl || Harry Potter

Harry had despised the Malfoy family for as long as he could remember. When Draco’s twin sister came to attend Hogwarts in fourth year, Harry realized that not all Malfoys were on a quest to ruin his life.

Carpe Noctem

Vega Black knew her brother was innocent, she knew him best after all, but the minister wouldn’t listen claiming that he was ‘deranged’ and ‘a mad-man’ so she focussed on other things: Her job as head of the Auror office, her daughter, her niece, and the last marauder. But, Four years later Vega had...

Serenity Lily Potter

Serenity Lily Potter is Harry's twin sister. She has dark red hair, bright green eyes(the same as her brother's) and a peculiar crescent shaped scar on her arm.

Blood Traitor || Draco Malfoy

Raised by ex-Death Eater parents and godparents, she was expected to one day serve the Dark Lord. But after discovering why her sister had really disappeared, she broke off onto her own path, unaware of what she would lose in the process.

Carnage: The Curse of Three

Everyone has heard the tales of Harry Potter, the boy who lived. But very few know the truth for in fact, he was not the only one who survived that night. There's Harry, whom most everyone has heard the name; The chosen one. But what ever became of his sisters? 'The missing ones' Well,...


"It was preposterous. Absolutely absurd to think that Tom Marvolo Riddle could even feel. He cared for her. You could see it in his eyes whenever anyone other than him called her a filthy mudblood. She was no one. She had nothing special, nothing that could interest a person like him. She was no...

More than a Pretty Face| Fred Weasley

Lucille Beaumont, or more commonly known as Lucy. She was probably one of the only witches at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic that hated it there. When they announced the Triwizard tournament during her sixth year. Lucy couldn't wait. Much to her surprise Hogwarts offered her what Beauxbatons could...

What You Made Me Do || Draco Malfoy

He leaned in closer and closer, his lips inching further towards mine. What on earth was happening? This wasn't how I'd felt with Harry at all. The boy standing in front of me was Draco Malfoy, who I despised with all my heart and soul. So why did I want this?

The Diary

Tom Riddle x Iliriana Mar love fanfiction story

Nox | Neville Longbottom [2]

"Call my mother a Death Eater one more time. I dare you." Eleven years and three families later... Everything has changed. [ book two ]

venom,,, regulus black

It was a blessing and a curse to be a Black. Regulus, the youngest son of Orion and Walburga Black, could vouch for that. Betrothed to the daughter of Voldemort's most feared follower, Genevieve de Valera, the two of them had a mutual agreement that their marriage - when it came - would exist so...

Dagger -A Wizarding World Short Story-

A short story depicting an antagonist, commonly known as Dagger, brave a daring heist into the Ministry of Magic’s most secured vaults to retrieve a treasure that rightfully belongs to him. Along the way he will face countless ministry officials, death traps, and even Harry Potter himself.
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