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The Wonderful Mr. Gavin

Will Benson did not intend to break into Mr. Gavin’s party. . . Well, it wasn’t his idea. When Bentley Creed convinces his best friend William Benson Forrester, to break into billionaire Mr. Gavin’s party, all for the sake of meeting a girl, the boys never could’ve imagined the consequences that wou...

A Distorted Future

We look back to the past and relive the life of Mistery; a boy who never feels like he belongs. Born into royalty, he believes he needs to prove himself to those around him, though he lacks the skill and the confidence, people still look up to him and respect him. Through a strange series of events ...
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Living the Extream Life

Max discovers somthing odd about him, he generates turbo energy and builds a bond with a strange alien called a Ultra Link, named Steel. As they get through hardship, they end up meeting a strange girl with a strange partner. Who is this person?

An Inazuma Eleven Story

This is the story of Yuka King. The story of her life. The story of how she realised what soccer meant to her, what her friends meant to her. The story of how a legend was born. The story of the Inazuma Eleven.

Aliens In the Attic

Katherine Heart gets dragged along on her best friends family trip, where there will be surprises, action and unexpectedly romance. A nice vacation gone wrong is an understatement. Jack/OC

2020- The Year of Doom by Creekfeather

Ellianne is a 13 year old girl with 3 siblings and 2 annoying parents. Scientists say that in 2020, the next year, the world will take a turn for the worse. Dan-dan-dan! My 1st story so plz bear w/ me!


Legendary soldier Cama Decosra died fighting one war—now she’s back, resurrected by unknown forced into a world a century apart from the one she died in, in the midst of yet another intergalactic battle. The universe needs her to fight once more. And Cama Decosra doesn’t run from the battlefield.

Gamma - 7

Mankind has always been interested in sciences. From war to the study of earth. The current year is 2155 and only twenty years ago faster-than-light-travel, was born. A ship from the Aligence of Earth (also known as the Alliance) named the NSS Irked, came across an ring shaped planitiod. Several ser...


Lori Pyles life has never been normal, but when she moves to A small and desolate town in Texas, she is surprised to find that they have been plagued by some very strange occurrences. Lori has never believed in the supernatural. Is the small town of Harpersville really being attacked by aliens?

Koleidoscope Eyes

Earth is under attack by an alien virus named collium that the aliens made and it accidentally got released into the universe. Their are certain people who havent been infected and the aliens use them to fight the virus... Sorry if this story kinda sucks this is my first one and im kinda new at this...

Grumarians Vs. Izarians

One girl changes her destiny on one fateful meeting. Her life gets flipped upside down as she enters a new world full of andient beings. Her only hope is to get back home before it's too late.

Utopia's Dying Angels

I would not fail. Somewhere out there were the human men who killed Corvinus. Somewhere there was an encampment where they held the one thing I cherished over duty to the planet, to the Citizens…they held my daughter.


I am not normal, I'm not even human even though I look like it. I don't have "parents" I have creators. I didn't know this till a month ago when the man who I thought was my father turned out to be a man using me to seek revenge on an alien race that distroyed his home planet. Wi...

The Labyrinth Riddle (not finished)

Aliens have taken over and have forced the human race to offer up children to try to fight against a deadly beast. None have succeeded. Doug, a boy born into this world, has to go through what is called The Culling (where they choose the ones who will fight the monster), and if he is chosen he will ...


In a time when war rages and her world is being overtaken by the Aliis, and not for the first time, Sapientia finds hope and love in courage she digs deep to find within herself. With her mother still missing, and a journey back to the planet, Lapsis, Sapientia must find a way to save her family and...


Wakign up in the hospital, Aline is confronted with a harrowing last ditch effort to save the human race. discovering she is a trained clone of one of the worlds two greatest fears, she is sent into the heart of the enemy world. there she meets dustin, a powerful and skilled alien-human hybrid who i...

Future Blast

This is the new and improved War of Worlds that I made earlier. Pvt. John Bakks will make his way through the galaxies, protecting the world from threatening aliens that want to destroy Earth, and life, and bring the end of civilization.

Autumn Jade : When Aliens Invade

Autumn,a 16-year-old girl,is spending her normal teenage life like everybody else spends theirs. Having a crush,going to the mall,preparing for exams and prom..everything a normal teenage girl does. But one day,her life decides to turn 360 degrees when some aliens decided to hunt her. Will Autumn le...
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