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The School of the Shapeshifters *on hiatus*

Sky and her brother Anthony just turned 14 and discovered that they are able to go to SOS, the School of the Shapeshifters. They are uncertain of which rank of Shapeshifters they will be in, but they are pretty sure their school years are going to be uneventful. Well their destinies aren’t written i...


When the Omega of the forest pack is taken, he must learn not to let his fear and anger control him.
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Broken Crown

Mercury is royalty. Well not by blood, but rather the adopted son of the pesky king. He’s made his name disappear from the records, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have fame and wealth. You see, he is a villain, or at least to anyone loyal to the crown. And he plans to start resistance. Well it’s e...

Caged like an animal ~Finished~EDITING

Her eyes were cloudy and frozen, staring at nothing as her feet are dragged. A red smear on the ground marks her path. Was that what was going to happen to me, us? Kidnapped and tortured Cassidy fights for freedom but the odds are against her. It this going to be her last act?

Hoof Prints

Ever wonder what it would feel like the live on a horse farm? My little dream would of horses put in a story. Some and or most of the horses will be real horses that i ride or know of in the real world.

Just a shadow *editing*

Angel is kicked out of her school for beating a person up when they have made fun of her,which has been in each of her schools her mum and decided the best thing to do is to send her to her brothers bording school which is for boys what will happen?

Forever Stuck In Our Youth

We all know the tail of the lorax. But what if the Once-ler had a punishment for his 'crime' against nature? What if that punishment was to stay forever young? What will happen when Ted and his older sister Lyla become interested with trees? Read to find out! Disclamer! ALL the pictures and ...

Therian V Hunter

Before reading this, please note this is not what Therians do. Yes, there are a few Therian hunters around, but for the sake of the plot I have made more hunters. Therians are peaceful people and not like the book! Meet Olivia Webb, a college student with problems no one else would ever face... or c...

The fox twins

Set In an alternate world where there is a chance to be born as a super meaning you have superpowers or an anima meaning you have some animal features and can turn into one. although this world looks civilized and much like ours on the outside beneath the surface there are people who seek to use the...


A story about a girl who is running with a secret

Extinct Killer Animals

Freya has been chosen to investigate what really happened to the extinct animals by the Government. Now she is running for her life from the extinct animals but in fact they're not extinct instead they're invisible and killers to the humans and animal race. Can she survive to claim her rewar...

My Animal

When Cimera and her friends find themselves in a dying wood as animals, they must go out on an adventure to find each other and find out what has happened to them.

Animal Masks [BoyXBoy]

(book 1) Ansel, formerly known as Aaron, is kidnapped along with his brother Alvin, formerly known as Harry, to take part in a battle to the death. There is twenty contestants and Bryant, Magnus' brain and helper, has been searching for the fit and capable contestants for months and months. Whe...

The outsiders she's the one that grew up as a animal

Two girls amber, Farrah grew up in sea world with dolphins, shamu and other sea animals but when Farrah gets hurt because one of the animals had attacked so they quit their job with sea world and moved to Tulsa and they meet the gang.


The story "Twylem" revolves around a young teen, Twylem Soal, who is dragged into taking his brother's place in finding the lost amulets of Concordia. The world of Concordia is made up of Lords, wizards and witches, pixes and Animal Guardians which were originally human beings. Twylem is...

Alien hamster

Well this is obviously about a alien hamster and it is not going to be some fun and games. okay so read it?


I'm a boy who is different. as i change so do peoples opinions of me. i am alone. i am a mutant.

When the truth comes out-Story 2-

You must have read the truth of animals first. I sucked at the truth of animals lol. When Amelia, or Amy, disappears, a group of animals set out to find her!

Sunrise~wolf story

With the rise of the Sun, it has to set More coming soon!


A young 14 girl growing up in a depressing childhood, having many different thoughts than oppose to a regular human, she always thought things differently, understanding that if she told anyone, they all would hate her. Finally her parents that she just moved in with (her mother and step father) cou...
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