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Undercover: Success or Fail?

"Skylar Jones. Eighteen years old, black belt in karate, knows sign language, and a member of the FBI." Skylar Jones has been a secret agent since she was ten and her first mission was when she was only eleven. She's never failed a mission and she's not planning to anytime soon. An...

"Discover Thy Shame" Character Sheets.

Creativity overflows as I draft, edit, write and re-write outlines for a cast of characters. Including inspirations, motives, back stories, grudges, loves, deaths, histories, and more! As I draft, aspects of other characters will change to reflect new revelation.
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Heart at Knifepoint

"I would rather cut my hand than hurting you. I can't even-- I - that thought can never cross my mind. Do you understand?" he said cupping her face in his large hand tilting it up so that he was looking directly in the beautiful brown eyes of hers which were filled with fear. It tore his...

The RockStar and I

Bax is on tour, An A list celebrity and badboy from the wrong side of the tracks... Clary, An ordinary girl, whisked away into the life of paparzzi and fame. Will all end with their happy ever after?

Let's Talk Business. (Sequel to Let's Play a Game)

He said that they had all the time in the world. He was wrong. Gwyn is the CEO of her parent's company at only 19 years old. She travels, she works, does interviews. Doing everything she has been raised to do. Her life is all planned out. Damian has taken over his Grandpa's mechanic shop jus...

Unwilling Past

One night, the world Giselle knew about was ripped away from her. People she thought she knew, were just facades of their true selfs. Ghastly experiences and unspeakable evil taint the world surrounding her, making her question everyone's true motives. As Giselle dwelves into a supernatural wor...

Truth or Lies?

Cassie is 17, a senior and bullied by the most popular girl in school, Mia. When she gets home she is handled with differently. Her family is working with the Government on a top Secret project and yes they are spies. Cassie tries to juggle her school life separate from her spy life or things will n...

The Foundation of my Insanity

A contract stating that at nineteen, a specific girl would be sent as a housemaid to pay off a debt her father made, for six months. This action of paying off the debt includes basic household duties. Personal actions require consent between each party. Once signed, this contract cannot be broken, n...

Blindly, Hopelessly, Wonderfully

The Blind Huntress is a well-known assassin who is said to have never failed a mission before. But she has a problem, she doesn't have emotions. Words from a girl from her past throw her world into chaos and as soon as she starts doubting herself, her whole life comes crashing down. Follow the B...

Brotherhood of Lies

A tale of action and broken camaraderie. Gunnery Sergeant Alastor Creedy seeks answers to his questions and revenge for his fallen squad. He scours for leads and missing information, fearing the worst. Could the betrayer be someone he knows and trusts?


Born in an era of insanely advanced technology, Arista gets chosen to join the Merging Process invented 5 years ago that merges 2 people into one. However, the seemingly flawless Republic is hiding more secrets than truths. As Arista delves deeper into the Republic's roots and works behind their...

To Live and Die *Completed*

(WARNING: Extreme Language and Violence) When the lives of five Los Santos residents are flipped upside down and they don't know why or how it happened, they take it upon themselves to make it right. Follow along as the main character of the five, Alex Polk, is forced to come to terms with his p...

A Fitting End

Another day. Another death. The moon was still high and the night was still young. It had only just begun, and she knew many more would fall before daybreak. Aren grinned and wiped her blade on her target’s clothes. It was time to hunt. Aren Mortem has been given an impossible task; to kill the King...

The Concordian Tapes

I don’t deserve to be free. I don’t deserve to be able to roam without guards following me. I don’t want to be a hero. I’m not a hero. That’s not how my story ends.

Black Roses

Everyone knew their name. Everyone respected them. Everyone feared them. Talk about them, the Police expect you to be dead in a night. Threaten them, no words need to be said. (Heh, You're Dead...) Who are they, you ask? They called themselves the Black Rose.

The Red Room

“ we don’t go in that room. it’s dangerous. “ seven people, seven weeks, one survivor. and one red room. [ BOOK ONE OF THE RED ROOM SERIES ]

On The Walk to School

Gideon and Shadow were walking to school when something... unexpected happened. (Some of these characters are not mine, if you noticed that I used your character and you don't like it, just tell me and I will change it)

My Mafia Princess

After one terrifying night Arabella loses everything. While running from her problems she finds a new family, but with this new family what problems will arise? Love? Pain? Hardships? Friendships? Will you join me as we find out?

Mixed Up *Finished*

Alex has been living on her own for years. She has her own gang and nobody dares to mess with her but then a new gang shows up. When Alex goes to meet them she doesn't expect to be attacked. She may be getting mixed up with the wrong people...
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