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Unexpected Love

I looked up at him, noticing how close he was, his breath hitting my face gently. His sharp jawline looked even sharper from this angle, and the urge to kiss him grew even stronger. His eyes were captivating me, the icy blue so clear and beautiful. "It's so weird." I said, and he looked...

Making Him Fall

Michele is the new English girl at West High and she brings competition with her. With Shannon battling against her for popularity, and the geeks trying to keep up with her grades, she also has the boys fighting over who gets her. Yet, the only one that Michele has noticed is the only one who doesn&...
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You never know what darkness life has lurking for you around the corner.. Neither did high school student Lynn Smith, a lively 16-year old with an endless creativity and a fascination for the vast, vibrant sky above. As naive as many other teenagers, she was never truly aware of what was hiding in t...

One Half of a Whole

Kamara is a princess. Ever since her twin sister died from the rare medical condition they have at age 5 her parents have done everything to protect her. Now she is 17 and is sick of doing nothing. So she has secretly been helping her older brother, the Prince, prevent a war with one of the neighbor...

Fighter (Sequel to Keeper)

Stuck in the middle, the sought after girl will face more than she ever imagined in the quest for her permanent freedom. What did she get herself into? She'll have to adapt and become something more to beat all the odds. Lots of action to come!


When two organisations are after the same sassy girl, an unfortunate courier is given the task to deliver her no matter what. A/N - if you read my story, I love you! I hope you enjoy and please let me know your thoughts as I'm new to writing. Lots of twists to come if you stick around :)

Abducted By Demons

"You're not human..So What the hell are you?"


When Aniline gets kidnapped one night, what will hapen when she is wanted but her kidnappers don't want to give her away?

Stolen *rewriting*

Once again, this is GrassHopperGreen from Quotev. Here is the very beginning of the writing of Stolen. The old version can still be found on here and Wattpad if you would like to still read the sequel and such. **************** "He saw the darkness in her beauty, she saw the beauty in his darkn...

Alex Harlow (completed)

There is a legend. That long ago, a bullied girl slowly went insane and murdered her family. She fled, deep into the forest, never to be seen again. Corpses with human bite marks, flesh ripped from their bones began to appear throughout the forest. The girl was a cannibal. One day, three young kids ...


3/20 of American teens are up to no good once night falls. 1/3 of these teens are snatched away, never to be seen again. Amelia is one of these teens, and join her on her breathtaking adventure as she is sent to an illegal experiment and torture prison, befriends the sarcastic Luke and the odd Maddy...

Unfathomable Affection

When love is limitless it turns in obsession but when obsession is limitless what it will turn into??? There was something about her that drawn him towards her like a moth to fire; he couldn't decipher when she become the sole reason of his existence and now he can't let her go. Dive into a...

The Girl In The Dark

‘Quit trying, love’ A man’s raspy voice reached her eardrums making her shudder as he dragged her by her dark brown hair into the unknowing depths.

Kidnapped. . . Or Maybe Not

Melissa Caleb is walking home from a late shift at work. She is aware someone is following behind her. It is in fact four men about to kidnap her. Melissa is no fool but neither are her kidnappers.

Freaks But Family

Maria, Favion, Kayla, Alyssa, and Immanuel have been best friends since they can remember. They were their own little family, doing everything together. They were inseparable, that is until Maria disappeared when they were ten. It hit Favion the hardest, and he stopped talking to his other friends. ...


Two sisters. A kidnapping. And a mission to save them all.

I Didn't Want This.

Anna was rich. She was a Happy, Straight A student, She never had a care in the world, And she had a loving family. But what happens when Ross takes that all away from her?

Tell me why

When Kristiana was five her mom was murdered. Her dad moved her across the country, to start a new life, but Kristiana has a feeling that whoever killed her mom ten years ago will be back for her.

The Oath. - Completed -

Olivia and Leann were best friends since birth. Nothing could separate them. They made an oath to never leave each other, always be together, do anything for each other. So when Leann goes missing, Olivia sticks to the oath and begins a man hunt for her best friend. { I only own text } { Picture...

Kissed By the Baddest Bidder

I dont get what's wrong with me, if this were anyone else they would probably be crying by now. For some reason though, I feel oddly calm, even though I just realized that I have just been screwed over by the world yet again. The first time the world has screwed me over was when they took away t...
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