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Reasons to Kill

An assassin fighting for those he has lost. A princess fighting to protect what she has. Both fueled by vengeance. As their lives clash, both will discover just how much their lives have intertwined in the past, and that the enemy is not always the target.

Kingdom of Esdepth

The story follows a king's loss and regrets for his daughter's disappearance. Bent on rage and revenge, he sought out to find those responsible and amend his broken soul.
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One Half of a Whole

Kamara is a princess. Ever since her twin sister died from the rare medical condition they have at age 5 her parents have done everything to protect her. Now she is 17 and is sick of doing nothing. So she has secretly been helping her older brother, the Prince, prevent a war with one of the neighbor...

Who Can You Trust? [Finished]

A secret spy story. Alexa is on a mission to steal a computer chip. The A.O.S.S. (Agent Of Secret Stuff) recruits two other girls to assist her. Keiyanu, Who is great with technology, and Hailey, a martial arts expert. Also, CJ, Alexa’s old partner, is recruited in the mission too. Enemy spies are a...

Dearest Snow White

This is my side of the story. Everyone's heard of the usual, the evil queen killed my father, then set out for me out of jealousy. Was it my looks? The fact that my father had loved me more? Anyway, she sent one deadly huntsman after me. Every story is different. But this ones my own. ~Snow

Huntress (currently being revised/rewritten)

I'm the king's daughter, princess of Athens, my secret? I'm the Huntress, the one everybody fears once the sun goes down, only, nobody knows that it's me.

Long Lost Princess Thief

Amelia Sunset is a 17 year old legendary thief who steals the mighty King's Crown. The crown had many jewels and few of untold riches. She had a opportunity to steal more, more valuable. If the guards in the edge, she had power to steal more with her helper, brother. Or adopted brother. Together...

Decendents: Rise of the Ice Princess

The ice queens daughter has been raised on the isle of the lost and when they send her to auradon, she does not understand why they want to send her away from her mom and her home. When she goes to auradon, everybody hates her for the crimes her mother has created. As she finds out more about her fa...


Cassandra Hun is the first and only Female knight of the King. Carter Brailstorm is a well-known thief. Both only have met through the bars of a cell, or whenever Cassandra has to hunt him down after escaping to take him back. Now, however, the unlikely couple from two different walks of life must s...


Kienaira was the name of the youngest person to have ever earned the highest title of guard the world had to offer; Terris. At seventeen, she was honored this title through hard work and countless times she defended the prince she was bound to with ease. She is power incarnate. Magic made flesh. Wis...

Chaos Blooming

At night, crime and chaos rule over the city of Arcana, but who’s to say love can’t thrive as well? A series of one-shot like chapters in which polyamorous gays commit crimes.


A half-elf who discovers mystifying secrets hidden in his past and an unwanted power. A young assassin with an unlikely ally. An Elvin princess who is on the run from the law. An elf learning magic under a powerful wizard. A dwarf prospering in monk training while a mysterious society throws his lif...

Fighting A Broken Storm *ON HOLD*

Falling in love was the last thing Kendrick Hayes wanted to do. His job was to be prepared to take the throne, and keep his kingdom safe, while his idiot brother runs around wrecking things. Being trained in combat and strategy, he's the ideal prince for the throne. Adelaide Barrett is at the ag...

The Mermaid Princess

"We have to save the two schools." "No matter what." Mikayla Pearl Lutfiyya loves her life. She's a mermaid princess! She goes to both Royale High (the school for royalty) and Coral Academy (the academy for merfolk) to learn, but she has to keep it secret that she's a mermaid...

My Mafia Princess

After one terrifying night Arabella loses everything. While running from her problems she finds a new family, but with this new family what problems will arise? Love? Pain? Hardships? Friendships? Will you join me as we find out?

A Tale From The Past

Two kings. Two different lives. The one is filled with joy the other with hatered. What does connect the two kings?

The Princess Prisoner

Please read. But to be honest... I don't know where it's going. I hope you like it. It's set in sort of the medieval era, you know with the long dresses and stuff.

Away into the Night

When a farm boy meets a princess, he's sent to the dungeon but the princess has other plans for him. She helps him escape and leave the kingdom but someone is following them and he wants justice.

Life as a Black Princess

Join Ally Black when 5 years of her life of not seeing her mother and father and her becoming a Black Princess!
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