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My husbands debt

"Your husband owes me," he said, smiling. "I'm here to collect." You know that feeling deep in your gut that tells you when something is wrong? Mine was screaming at me. RUN. And run now.

The Blackthorn Agent

Jessica Ross is a thirteen year old middle schooler who is recruited by the Youth Secret Service, a CIA black ops branch, to attend Blackthorn Academy and learn how to become a spy. When she gets there, Jessica is faced with unexpected secrets and learns there's a mole. She also learns that the ...
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Fun Fair

The town of Wrensville had been known for its natural resource availability until strange murders began occurring around the time of Halloween. Vesper Ransom, a detective, was sent to this town to investigate along with local detective James Muir. However, they soon begin to realize that this is no ...

The Note

When Ty Brewer commits suicide, his twin brother, Korey is devastated. It seemed like everyone moved on from him too quickly. Korey wants to too but he can't, the memories are stifling, he knows his brother from head to toe, why would his brother kill himself? That is until he finds a note place...

Secret Aversion

With their homes obliterated, their love for each other undefined, Arial and Arian cross the border to enter a different world. It's a different dimension, drowning in corruption and masked with ruins. There they fall in love, an undying glow in the darkness of reality. There they must fight wit...

Brotherhood of Lies

A tale of action and broken camaraderie. Gunnery Sergeant Alastor Creedy seeks answers to his questions and revenge for his fallen squad. He scours for leads and missing information, fearing the worst. Could the betrayer be someone he knows and trusts?

What makes us: Human (an Original story)

A boy and his team go on a mission after a long hiatus. He finds throughout the whole event that he can still mend what he has left broken. But before he can restore the unity, an old enemy manipulates him, so he destroys his squad under the influence of lies. Will he regain his senses and return to...

Living Among the Dead

The world isn't what it once was. The dead now control the world, while the living have to fight to survive. Every twist and turn could be life altering and there's no guarantee for safety. Everyone handles the end of the world in their own special way, and this story showcases different poi...

Secrets: The Smugglers

Gabriella is an undercover agent. But when her mission gets compromised by a few teenagers her life flips upside down. When Chase, one of the teens, developed a crush on her he accidentally finds out the truth. With him by her side will Gabby be able to fight her own feelings and finish the mission?...

The Life Behind Her Smile: Everything Is Not As It Seems

No one knows what people go through behind closed doors. 17-year-old Melanie Acuff is currently in the fight for her life. Growing up without a father and a drunken mother, Melanie was left to fend for herself. Her home life leads her into the arms of a violent boyfriend and Melanie quickly sees lea...

Short stories...

What comes with the job of death is solitude, and what comes with solitude would surely change ones heart. Unless you were raised as he was.

Tide will Tell

Ashton, a 19 year old girl is going a surf trip with her best friend Beth, they come across a beach to remember. Beautiful white sand, palm trees that tower high in the sun and clear turquoise water, the beach is perfect. Which is the problem, it is too good to be true. Something or someone unexpect...

The planet of the lost

Victoria's life has always been hectic with the disapearance of her mother aboard a spaceship. No one knows what happened to Victorias mother and the rest of the Astronauts aboard the spaceship. But when Victoria recieves Shocking news from her father. It twists her life even more until Victoria...

Kriss & Charlie

- I used to write about these two tiwns all the time , i planned on writing books about there life , this is one I started and never finished . if you like then comment telling me so , if you want me to finish it comment and tell me :)

The Tunnels

Trapped in the Tunnels since forever, two girls are given the chance to escape. Will the manage to succeed?

Last Trucker Standing

Willow is about to be sent into foster care. In order for her to stop it from happening and being taken from her father, she must stand with the world's dangerous gang, The C-61 Gang. Will it be worth the risk?

Assassins: Mind Games [Book - 1]

Given a shot to enhance the body Sage Wolf is not you average teenager. Taken by the Government, wanted by Mobs, chased by Dirty Cops are just the start. What is wanted from her, and how could it Sage make sense of anything in a world made up of Mind Games?

Agent 21

21 orphans were taken to a secret US government facility. They were taught things kids shouldn' t know. Some of their parents died in horrible accidents. Others never knew their parents. They were taught how to use a gun. Or severals guns. They were taught how to kill people with there bare hand...


Zero, Rick and Amber work at a Demon hunting Organization together. But after finding out secrets about each others dark pasts they start to doubt each other and even themselves. @StreetLitesProductions please do not steal or I will have to HUNT YOU DOWN... FIND YOU... AND BILL YOU!
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