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Serenity Detention Center

For the first time in history, a posse of people with supernatural abilities, escaped Serenity Detention Center. Serenity, a prison known to house these mutant freaks has been breached, allowing a small group to escape. Now these teens are being chased by Serenity, and they will have to overcome man...

The Gem and the Dragon

Alice is a normal girl working with her father in the Mountains. But when a voice calls to her during a festival filled with multi-coloured dragons in the valley, it is revels she is anything but ordinary. She is a Dragon Rider and what's more, she has a Dragon. A slick black and green dragon by...
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The Wastelands

Jane Lyra was a normal high school senior, but her world got turned upside down when she was sucked into a parallel universe. Will she find her way back home? Trying to test out my new book before I publish it! Let me know what you think in the comments!!


In the not-too-distant future, the world has been mostly destroyed by what the survivors call The Great Flare, a devastating occurrence that no one quite understood. Some of the survivors have developed abilities, giving them an evolutionary advantage in this changed land. They are known as the Ailu...


Born in an era of insanely advanced technology, Arista gets chosen to join the Merging Process invented 5 years ago that merges 2 people into one. However, the seemingly flawless Republic is hiding more secrets than truths. As Arista delves deeper into the Republic's roots and works behind their...

The Royal Slave

With dreams of greatness, a slave manages to join the military in hopes of following in the footsteps of her heroes. However, when it became clear that she wasn't welcome, the slave begins to seek out the history of her own ethnicity.

The Sorrows

In the year 2040, America has developed better technology. Just a decade ago, doctors were able to cure common diseases and malaria. Although, cancer still exists in humans. A well-known doctor by the name of Shaun Morrow was working on a cure for cancer. At first, he was reputable, but the tumors s...

The Red Strokes

“Sit back and relax, as The Selection has begun. Remember, it is your civic duty to be Selected, so your country thanks you. Answer honestly on the questionnaire, as we always can tell when you are lying. Sit back, and be placed in the family you are supposed to know. The Selection will start in 5.....

The Preparation [dystopian]

Thirteen years ago, the occurrences of natural disasters skyrocketed. Hurricanes and tsunamis ravaged all coasts, and earthquakes frequented many countries. Islands are all but extinct. At only three years old, Thea's entire life, as well as the rest of the world's, changed in the span of da...

The Feathers of Fire | Earth's Revenge: Book 1

After being driven from her home and separated from her family Carmen has learned to survive in desolate deserts of Mexico in the year 2204. She's used to looking out for herself as thieves lurk around every corner and deadly fires tear through the land. On her journey to the coast she meets thr...

Keeper of the Sleeping Minds

The only solution to save humanity is to leave plague-ridden Earth for good. But can a plan born out of desperation bring back the lost innocence of the human community? Fiona is a survivor, immune to the virus that ravaged the population of Earth. Caught and used as a test subject, her bleak outlo...

On Hiatus] Girls, Curls, and One Crown to Win

Lena Marie Bell was content with her life. Even though she was under appreciated by her family, there was always someone making her feel good about herself. However, when she is chosen to participate in a courtship against 14 other girls, that person drifts away. Will Lena salvage their relationship...

The Eye

The United States is set into a frenzy when their media viewer, "Third Eye" is disabled by a boycott group. Follow Aaron and his mother as they try to find a way out of this falling America.

The Rebel Resistance.

It started with a simple injection and doctors saying that it was an enhanced flu shot. People started to change. No one noticed what was really going on and if they did, it was too late because they were already infected. They all seemed to forget their life before the injection. 3461 miles away th...


I didn't think there was any sane human outside the fence. I definitely didn't think I would leave the war zone for the Outside. But now I stand with them, I am one of them. I am Insurrectionary.

The Abandoned

Jerica Cassoway has lost her entire family and almost all of her friends to the Republic. Everyone except her childhood friend, Sorin, is gone. She goes on a quest with several others who live in the Shack, an old abandoned mansion, to rescue her loved ones.

The human's affect

War. lots of war. (Ya novel) Earth is plagued after a war of nuclear bombs. Contamination means death. various society attempt to convert others to their own specific ways. And they don't accept no as an answer.

Utopia Isn't So Utopian

The people in this city are all different in their own ways. Yet all the same, in every way. Blinded, unable to think or be self sufficient. I was one of those people. Until the Day of the Selection. It's funny because I don't even get to make a choice. And somehow the smallest yet biggest t...


Ariel lives in the future, where everything is 'perfect'. But what if everything isn't perfect?


Be yourself takes on a whole new meaning.
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