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Being Pulled Under

Destiny has thrown ten years of her life away to track down her brother, who was kidnaped by a band of pirates when she was a child. Driven by a strong determination to find and rescue the only family she has left; Destiny took up the trade of bounty hunting to peruse her goals in claiming the prize...

Short Stories

A book of stories I've written for challenges.
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𝗟𝗮𝗱𝘆 𝗢𝘂𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝗧𝗶𝗺𝗲

[Yandere x Time Traveller Reader] Genius, billionaire, and unbearably bored. As the CEO of L/n Industries, you didn’t think you’d even have time to be bored, but here you are, on a forced vacation because apparently “overworking kills”. One week into your so-called exile, you saw a shooting star and...

Lioness || Kane Chronicles

None of the images or story are mine all go to respected creators. Started : 25th of July 2020 Finished :


It was the time when Greeks worshiped their gods. But it was also the time when Rome would almost be found. Aurelia, a Greek girl with a Latin name, has her fate tested by the gods. She was the bridge of such little cooperation between the two civilizations. Would she succeed in doing the quests the...

Rattlesnake (COMPLETED) *Currently Editing*

Eliza Foster, a young woman who is reluctantly taking off on a journey to New York to get married. Not even a quarter ways through the trip, her ferry gets ambushed and robbed by an infamous gang of outlaws known as the Rattlesnakes who have been terrorizing the old American frontier for years. Afte...


What Aria was expecting was a good night, wandering the gardens with the handsome noble, that was soon to be her fiancé. Instead, she got captured by some of the famous and most dangerous known pirates that sail the Verity Sea...

Into the Tides (Rewrite)

Rewrite of Into the Tides. With new scenes, characters, relationships, and even adding a new narrator. Note, some chapters will be similar. Felice Leggero is the daughter of a trading empire along with her siblings. But after the estate burns, she finds herself in a world of danger. At the helm is t...

Shattered Mirror | Tale of the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem witch trials were just a bunch of random accusations tossed around to get ones self out of trouble. Right? Well, not for Katherine. Especially not when she and her friends find the devil's contract floating down the river...

Rose's Little Sister *Titanic Story*-Finished Sequel Out-

My name is Emily Flora Dewitt Bukater, Rose's sister. I was 12 years old when I attended the Titanic with my sister, Ruth my mother, and... Ick, Caledon. I survived the ship when it sank, and here is my story.

What is commitment?

I just recently got a wattpad account! woohoo! :D my username is ftwelliehi I'm currently writing a story called 'what is commitment'. I thought I would put the story on both quotev and wattpad, so if you see this story on wattpad, don't worry I didn't steal it, I am the author...

The Tudor Rose: King Henry VIII

There are many myths, legends, and stories behind the reign of King Henry VIII of England. He was the husband of six different women. He had many children, the most well known being Elizabeth I and Mary I, great Queens of England. Henry was known for having an easy to trigger temper, and for moving ...

Heir of the Gods

She's seen Death, but not in the way that you think. Antonia has lived knowing that she isn't ordinary. And this isn't the first life that she's lived. Her childhood consisted of school, extracurricular activities, making friends, falling in love, and training to save the world from ...

The Raptor Girl

Cali Anderson has been on the run for years. How could a little lizard's scratch turn her into something that dates back to something recorded in history as a devil with claws?

A Promise in Vain

A knight who experiences failure.

The Kill

Set in 650 BCE in Egypt. The royal court is in turmoil, politics and years of isolation tear Ivan, the capitol city apart. Meet Ushankuru, the young crown prince. This is his story and how he deals with being young and in power, with no mother and a distant father and a country to love him even th...

The Legend Behind The Powerful And The Defender

The legend of the Power and the Defender. It's kinda in the title. Based on Spirit Animals by an author that keeps on changing throughout the series.

The Factory Child

Eye-view of a factory child in the Industrial Revolution.

The Book of Life 2014

Roslyn Medina was a ordinary girl in the 21st century who lost her mother when she was young, until her father gave her a ring which was paced down generation in the family sending her in the early 1800s in a small town called San Angel, Mexico.

A Pickpocket Trick

Warren Hemsfiled lives a peculiar life in the victorian-esque country of Britonia. Life as a spy, amateur inventor, and occult enthusiast makes him one eccentric party guest. But when he meets a couple of street urchins with peculiar powers his life goes even more strange, and he couldn't be hap...
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