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The Seven Kingdoms [Reverse Harem Story]

"I'm Megara, but you can call me Meg. I'm going to save the world." - Tales of adventure and romance always begin in a tavern, where the protagonist makes a stop to rest for a few hours... and our story begins there too. But it's not the knight we follow: it's the damsel. And...

The Dragon Lord: Book One of The Blood Crown Chronicles

A squire forced into apprenticeship for a Dragon Lord. A princess, stripped of title, studying assassination. A hawk-shifter seeking cure for a spell. An elf with a horrendous memory. A knight on a quest. An immortal sorceress. A vengeful rebel. And a bloodthirsty King, intent on killing them all.
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No Matter the Cost

(Yandere!Princes x Reader) General (Y/n) has worked hard her whole life, just to throw it away when weird coincidences start to happen. Labelled as a missing queen by her lovesick prince, she travels through the whole country in order to find her lost sister. But when even more princes start to fal...

Doe Eyes

|| reader-insert || [ yandere! king x f! reader x yandere! huntsman ] The lives of the fae and that of humans should never cross. Destruction and agony are all that any such meetings have ever wrought, and yet, you dared still to dream. Your eyes were too wide to see the danger lurking in the shadow...

Claxton (Claxton Tetralogy Book 1) (10th Grade Draft)

The Atlantica Massacre was only the beginning. Fourteen-year-old Makenna Delling is a Metamorphic Fairy, a rare fairy who comes from a family in which one person had to have been a fairy. Except, who is that one person? To help find answers regarding her past, Makenna teams up with seventeen-year-ol...

Ad Portum Diomedeae

After months of searching, he's finally reunited with his older brother... only to find him serving a mysterious individual who dares call themselves a god. Furious and determined to get his brother back, he begins following the odd pair around, constantly trying to coax his sibling out of his r...


In a kingdom where magic is prohibited, Rune must keep her special ability a secret.

The Lost Heir

\\\ "Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change." /// Chloe was never one to stand out in a crowd. She was comfortable with being overlooked. Hope for a new, fresh life awaited her in California. But soon, everything changes for the better - and the worse. After acc...

Forsaken Blood

The Kingslayer. A man said to have never been beaten in combat, a blade having never touched his skin. A kingslayer who fears no man. The Outlaw. A man who knows no law and follows no king, taking what he wants and leaving the rest for the crows, never being caught. The General. A man who has neve...

Lost Crown (Completed)

Who knew a simple peasant could one day have her fate changed? Zyxandria definitely didn't. A ceremony that led to the rest of her fate. Secrets to be revealed and another door to be opened. The question is will it all work out for her or will it end in something terrible.

The War Must Go On ~Act 1: Gemaris Island

In the land of the Twelve Islands, the art of theater is highly respected and the ocean of sea monsters is fearfully avoided, though many citizens always dream of exploring beyond the horizon. One day, when the beloved king dies and leaves no heir to rule the Twelve Islands, his advisors decide to h...

A Promise in Vain

A knight who experiences failure.

Escape: Book 1: The War Begins

Imagine. An empty dirt road surrounded by trees growing thicker with the forest. The darkness of the night, the howling of the wind and the pounding of the rain frightened everyone indoors. All the c...

Dusthelm- Kingdom of the Zodiac Children (on hiatus)

In a world where monsters roam free and aim to prey on humanity, there has to be someone protecting them. That would be the personifications of the Chinese zodiac and the astrological zodiac.

Doddo: To Be A Deity

[April '20] (Halt) This story follows the path Jun takes after having his village destroyed by gods, and having one of them use him as a vessel. Surely he can't be the only being on the planet with this newfound power. He must venture now to save hidden celestial beings from an entrapment, a...

The War Must Go On ~Act 3: Artrimor Island

BE SURE TO READ ACTS 1 AND 2 BEFORE READING THIS ACT — In the land of the Twelve Islands, the art of theater is highly respected and the ocean of sea monsters is fearfully avoided, though many citizens always dream of exploring beyond the horizon. One day, when the beloved king dies and leaves no he...

Caramel's Story!

A story I have created of an OC of mine I have created on a browser games called Pony Town. This story I put lots of effort into it on how she is to be today. Normally most of my OC's have a small little backstory but for some reason I just got really into Caramel, she is an Ice Cream kind of ra...


In a world where superheroes are worshipped, (Name) Cynrad who is supposedly non-powered is possessed by a pair of glasses that her grandfather has been refusing to wear, soon she knows why. (Inspired by a post in Tumblr)


After being caught stealing, a boy finds himself transported to a fantastic world on the brink of a new era: The Age of Thievery!

How Every Knight's Tale Should End

Leo wanted to be a knight. However, he was too old for anyone to take him under their wing. But when a rare chance comes along, he takes it to prove himself worthy. But he wouldn't have expected what followed that one decision.
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