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We all dream of marrying our own prince charming but when faced with reality it is clear that while the prince may be charming he is unlikely to be good as well. Krystal knows her old friend and to her distaste future husband is not exactly who he pretends to be. Faced between spending the rest of h...

Alex the Bachelor Slayer

Things aren't always as they seem. Alexia Bailey was a sweet little girl up until her life got turned upside down once she was to join the family business. Will she be successful in her mission or will it prove to be too difficult?
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The Killers Wishes

With your room mate being gone all the time you try to entertain yourself by solving murders. A new killer catches your eyes and it seems that your room mate is a suspect.


Scorpio is misunderstood, and called the emo kid. She has been harassed and bullied. So, what if a shy, passionate girl turns into a serial killer at night?

Seductive Killer

(Not Recommended For People Under 13) The only thing that keeps me alive is my looks. I've eliminated all the others. Except my step sister. She know's too much. If I could, I'd let her go. But I'm not taking the risk. Just something keeps me from killing her.

Vanquish Lydia

Woman are much more superior then men in the year 2074. For the past 32 years, the female Ambassador has made the world a luxury for woman and uncomplainable for men. Creating female soldier's she treats them much different from normal females, if fact, this causes a riot among the female solder...

Plot Twist: The Story

A Story in 3 sections, each better than the last. Now with a monologue.

The Serpent's Game

Pain has no measurement, that was a truth that Jenny Florence knew well, Riddely Snake was a specialist in pain, a specialist in everything that caused pain. She stared into his hellish eyes and wanted to scream and he knew it, she wanted to run away and forget everything he'd done to her and he...

Soul Killer

A story about a detective Jared Stradys and his partner Jake Stone and many malicious murders. Will they find the infamous serial killer? And who will it be?


Born in an era of insanely advanced technology, Arista gets chosen to join the Merging Process invented 5 years ago that merges 2 people into one. However, the seemingly flawless Republic is hiding more secrets than truths. As Arista delves deeper into the Republic's roots and works behind their...

The Web

A few kids with different backstories and different locations. But, what will happen if a few people who experienced the dark web and a few survivors who escaped the the live stream come together? -Trigger Warning -Graphic Warning

What Lies Beneath

(Art is mine, but submissions are welcome and appreciated. Work updates every Wednesday). Boarding school for criminal children? Michael hadn’t heard of it until he was going there. He’s not innocent- he knows that- and at least it’s better than jail. At least until murders begin.

The Truth About Freedom

The plane crash was the best thing that could happen to me. To all of us. But what came after made me wish we hadn't crashed in the first place. Sixteen kids are being transported by plane to a prison in Australia. All of them had done the most unthinkable, inhuman thing a person could do; they ...

The Holiday Tales: An Elf Revolution

Not everything is as it seems. One second, a lovable Christmas icon could be bringing gifts and joy to children across the globe. The other second, he could be beating a defenseless elf to its grave. But what goes around comes back around, and these elves have had enough of the abuse! It's high-...

In Love and In Death

In the future, death has disappeared from the world. No one can die. In the year 2070, giving birth is illegal. Mina is a child born into secrecy and at a young age, she accidentally kills her pet. As she grows up, more incidents happen until everyone knows about her and wants her to kill. Now she’s...

Wanted (on hold)

It must be a great sin to accept help from your parents' and brother's killers. Those murders wanted her...and to survive, Igraine needed them. Without them, there was no way that she could protect what she needed to protect. To gain power and position, she changed. Igraine was grateful to t...

Manhunt Romance

The murder of a lover. The thirst for vengeance. And the romance behind it all.

Into jthm

A 25 yr. old woman and her 26 yr. old friend really get into the JTHM comics, literally. Follow them on their amazing adventure into the comics: facing Nny, helping Squee, etc... R&C (read and comment)

Fallen angel *Finished!*

"Are you kidding me you go off on a date with some guy and you ask me what's wrong!" he said as he stood up. "1. it wasn't a date Jesse said she was sick go ahead and ask her! 2. It wasn't some guy it was my best friend Josh 3. Why would i two time you!" I said he huffed...

That Night.

Anna Marie used to be a nice girl, with a good head on her shoulders. That never changed until the one night she went outside to get something for her mother. The night she witnessed her sister being murdered.
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