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Shadow Killer

She was a silent killer. Posie Parker, kidnapped by the Red Room and trained as an assassin before being sold off to Hydra, was brainwashed and tortured into the killer she is today. When the Winter Soldier; the only person she has ever known, goes rogue, she is given one mission; to kill the Winter...

The Phaser | Bucky Barnes

Lillian Lane is a hardworking medic from D.C. who has always been able to catch small glimpses of the future. All she wants to do with her life is help other people. When she's accidentally struck by Mjolnir's lightning, it unlocks a new ability she calls phasing, and she has to learn how to...
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We Are Just...Kids

“Twinkle, twinkle little star...how I wonder what you are....up above the world so bright...like a diamond in the sky...” I choked on the words as I stumbled into the room. Pietro grabbed my hand pulling me close to his chest. Wanda wasn’t back yet. Shivers ran down my spine as I gripped his shirt i...

Captain's Little Girl (OC Fanfiction)

Steve Rogers didn't expect his first date to come back with a surprise for him, a baby girl. When the baby's mother leaves her with him, he decides to keep her and not give up on her like her mother. So, he enlists for the war, but fails. But when a doctor gives him and his daughter somethin...

Welcome Home

“Oceans you once crossed, now they disappear. Continents of longing vanish, Soon you will be here. And my heart keeps racing. My thoughts keep fraying. But, today I'll hold you and not stop saying... Welcome home my dear, Welcome home my sweet! Welcome home my hero, Welcome home my heart!” -"...

Hotter Than Hell~Bucky Barnes

Natasha Romanoff had a best friend in the Red Room. Her name was Ashley, but no one knows her last name not her parents or even how old she was. She was so young, at least 8 when she was recruited. She escaped before her graduation and years later, their paths cross again- in the worst way.


With her mother dead in a fatal car crash and her father MIA, Fauna's care is put in the hands of a HYDRA doctor known to Fauna as Dr. Spencer. Genetic engineering along with mental manipulation and brainwashing tactics lead Fauna to live a life devoted her beloved adoptive father, following his...

Delicate Hearts

Bucky Banes and Brianna Everdean have always butted heads even though they have more in common than they think. Brianna has always longed to feel like she's part of a family while Bucky just doesn't want to feel like a monster. Things change when a undercover mission goes wrong.

Life As We Know It | James Barnes AU

It's an accident that 24-year old nurse Adaline Bennett ends up working the overnight shift that night, at the same time a two-year-old boy named Peter Parker is brought in after his alcoholic father is killed in a drunk driving accident. She is way too young to be a mom, but something about th...


Thirteen-year-old Natalie Pierce--aka Agent Sola--is no stranger to tough times. Every agent of HYDRA is acquainted with pain of some sort. But pain leads to power, or so people say, and Agent Sola certainly is powerful. She joined HYDRA's ranks at the age of thirteen and has steadily been risin...

The Last Symbiote

A long time ago, aliens called symbiotes found their way to Earth in the early rise of Quirks. Years have passed and now there is a host that got into UA High. And she's out to fix the mistakes of the past.


Eve is many things, and kind is one of them. She spends her Saturdays giving away food and prosthetics to the homeless and poor. She designs, creates, and fixes prosthetics for a small company that has no knowledge that she's manufacturing and giving away free prosthetics. And now, no one can kn...

Blonde Bombshell || MCU

Marly is a child prodigy, a genius, a SHIELD department head, but she definitely isn't an Avenger. So why is she living at the Avengers Tower? She's been chosen for a project with Tony Stark, a project that's going to change the course of history and SHIELD. When she and Tony start to wo...

Avengers Imagines

*REQUESTS ARE OPEN* I also write preferences and headcanons. *UNDER EDITING* I will write for practically every character, male and female.

We Are Venom [BNHA x Male! Venom! Reader]

The small boy poked at the strange moving black goop. The boy had foggy (e/c) eyes, fluffy (h/c) hair and he wore black shorts along with a (f/c) shirt. “It’s okay.” He whispered to it. The goo moved closer before latching onto his finger, making the boy giggle. “Come on I’ll take care of you okay.”...

Avengers X Depressed Reader One Shots

⚠️There won't be any warnings but this WHOLE book is going to be triggering ⚠️ REQUESTS OPEN

Two Sides Of One Heart

Maya is the younger sister of Natasha and Yelena. She was trained in the Red Room since she could walk. Maya's sisters have tried to give her a normal life and keep her away from danger once the three escaped the Red Room, but things change when someone is after Maya.

I wanna hold your hand | J. Barnes

Small and fragile looking. That's what the big strong super soldier had thought of her the first time she had stepped into his line of vision. However, it would seem that looks can be rather deceiving. - Having been pulled from captivity, subject A7812, otherwise known as Mariko, has been sent t...

The Other Widow

A traumatising past. A reunion with an old best friend. A horrifying room. The life of Nadia was rough, but that wouldn't define her. I DO NOT own Marvel. Only Nadia. The rest is all Marvel.
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