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The Team And I ( Kuroko no basuke )

This manga could use more female characters in it, don't you think? How about adding yourself in it to fill up the space? Taking the lead as the main character doesn't sound so bad either.. hehe Basing this story on the original story by Fujimaki Tadatoshi sensei, with a few changs to fit y...

Homebody |

Meeting after an unsuccessful wallet thievery, our protag, Maxwell is reunited with his high school and grade-school friend, Lucifer–after his sudden disappearance. Rebuilding their friendship once again, Maxwell is pulled into a dangerous line-of-work that he wasn’t expecting. He had never planned ...
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Always (Claude De Alger Obelia)

He will forever be your always. "Will you stay by my side?" "Always, your highness" It's him. I'll always be him. Even if he didn't love you back, even if he never look at you the same way you look at him. You just wonder how long it would last, and your feelings would ho...

Marceline Wells (Zombies 1 and 2)

Addison Wells lives in Seabrook along with her sister, Marceline Wells, however both sisters are not normal. Addison was born with white hair, she can’t dye it, doctors say it’s a rare genetics thing so no one can really fix it. As for Marceline, she was way more different than Addison. Marceline wa...

My Name Is Reyna Maglaya

What if Blackpink debuted with one extra member, making them 5? Join me as we take glimpses of the funniest, happiest, saddest, and best moments of the fairytale-like life of Reyna Maglaya, Blackpink's fifth and only Filipina member.

Decided Where To Die (Guns For Hands)

Micheay is a 15 year old Twenty One Pilots fan who decides to k.ll himself at a concert. With g.ns, for hands. But things don't go as planned. TW: su.c.de, s/h, c.rs.ng.

Mission Accomplished? - A Dream SMP Story

Dream has been thrown into Pandora’s Vault, the unfinished, impenetrable prison that he helped design and build. Locked in the darkest, most secure cell, Dream is left completely alone. The server outside rejoiced, thinking they’d broken him, unable to see past a simple smiling mask that hid so much...

A Look into Denial (South Park)

[on hiatus] It’s been a few months since you moved to South Park. The fact doesn’t hit you until you’re stuck beating gang members up with a froggy umbrella. (or: an unreliable narrator has more problems than they’re letting on.)

A bunch of random One shots (Percy Jackson)

These are just a bunch of random Percy Jackson One-shots that I wrote, because there isn't much about the life of Percabeth and their kids after marriage. Enjoy!

Fading Sunshine (Haikyuu! Fanfiction)

A sudden injury during the game against Shiratorizawa leaves Hinata with an crippled leg, and he is told he will never be able to play volleyball again. He hoped his team would be there to support him during such a difficult time, but the fame from winning against Shiratorizawa had gone to their hea...


This is a fan fiction based off of the first verse of the song Alone by Nico Collins. As a way of giving credit to the song creator, the main character’s name is Nico Collins. DM me if you have questions.

Strangers to Suffering | Dream SMP

[Dream SMP fanfic] A young woman named Ximena suddenly appears in a land preparing for war. A war for independence. Join her and her friends on the journeys and conflicts they face through their three lives on this strange territory.

I'm Just a Disappointment

Four people. Four stories. What they don't know is that these stories somehow connect to one another. Will their sad stories come to an end or will their suffering just get worse?

The Genius Monster.

Nineteen year old Noah Smith rose to fame as a footballer in just about four months, where he, along side his teammates, had made a name internationally. He liked the nickname the strategist, but the Genius Monster pleases him more. After all, that's what he is.

Melanie Ziegler || Dance Moms

Melanie Victoria Ziegler is the third and youngest child of the marriage of Melissa Gisoni and Kurt Ziegler. She has two older sisters, Maddie and Kenzie. Mel has been dancing in the Abby Lee Dance Company since being two years old. She has been her whole life "Living On The Dance Floor".
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