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Char's Winged

This world, Urliea, is broken. A shattered thing said to have been built on promises of power and unrivaled beauty, doomed to burn bright and burn out. So it is said, so it has done. As three Mithen children emerge as fledglings- young, wild things seeking purpose in a hopelessly barren kingdom, the...

Last Night Was the End of the World

Last night, the world ran as normal. Fellossece Antosak had just got off at a security job at a party, and he's wondering what he's going to get for dinner. Fenobellei Antosak is asleep, dreaming of sheep having a coffee date. They are twins. They live on two sides of the same country, and t...
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Zombie Apocalypse Monologue

A monologue about a young girl coming to grips with what she's done to survive the apocalypse. I think it's emotional but I don't know if you will, I'm not you.

ᎢᎻᎬ ᏌNᎠᎬᎪᎠ (Zombie Boy x Reader)

Zombies don't just develop feelings out of nowhere so how could this be? The undead can't just all of a sudden love and develop feelings they are man eating monsters that don't have any mercy for killing others so how can this one be different? (Y/n) is a survivor in the apocalypse full ...

Four Months Later

It's been four months since the dead claimed the Earth. Four people and a cat have formed an uneasy alliance, and have decided to weather the storm together. The world is a scary place, and it's good to have someone to watch your back. But problems arise when the group discovers a dying woma...

Dead Rising

This kid named Brady and his fellow survivors have to find a way to survive this cruel world.He is going to loose all his loved ones during this battle but he has to do what's right.


A young girl has the perfect life, the perfect family, and the perfect friends. That is until a brain parasite gets out and spreads through thousands of people, including her family making them crazy zombie like things...

Era of Extinction

"It was the year 2016, the pollution went up by 5%, poverty has dramatically increased by 7% ever since the mega earthquake in the West Coast, which resulted in deaths and rumble, and at last, corruption through tyranny has silently erupted in multiple countries including the U.S... Hell has ris...


This is just a one chapter story. Imagine giving up when all hope is lost. How would it feel? What would you see? What would you remember? What would you do? When does it END?

Echo Black

How many times can you break a person? How many times can that same person be rebuilt, before they no longer resemble the original? This world eats people. It is what we deserve. This story follows a young girl with a strange name, in a strange time on a strange planet. Her name is... Fragile.

The Clover Club V.I.P

The house of cards have fallen, and in their wake, an outbreak of Undead. From high above in a prison of glass, I watched the world burn. It is only now with my two feet upon the ground that I realize I have traded one Hell for another, and with front row seats to the apocalypse, I raise my glass fo...


Having traded one hell for another in the form of the apocalypse, Dawn Callahan — a recombinant life form known as a Shifter — has to now leave her home in the wake of her brother’s death with her goal being to get to the community known as Skadi in order to find some sense of peace. However, this p...

Apocalypse with a Shifter

You and your younger twin sisters met an interesting new ally. The two of you are as close as somewhat new companions could be without saying that your both ‘rushing head-on into a relationship that isn’t truly stable’. But with all the freaks from hell and the undead coming up to earth, you would t...

The Light Bringer (Not Finished)

The world has been stripped of its light and a small survivor community is tasked with bringing the light back to the world. Nothing in the current version is final, edits are going to be made, I'm just sharing what I have written so far.

City of the Dead Oc Headcanon Stuff

okay so uh im working on an apocalypse story and it's probably gonna be a solid while before i begin to make chapters so uhm, this is where im gonna dump random stuff for it like character/otp questionaires and one shots

Surviving the Apocalypse

This all started with a dream that my friend had. Now it is blooming into a growing story. Enjoy

Zombie apocalypse

You survived doomsday . Death isn't happy about it . Death sent his minions to kill you and the other survivors

Bits And Pieces: A zombie Apocalypse novel.

What happens when the Zombies come? What reason is behind it? Is Sasha alone? Will her family survive!

Apocalyptic World

Take a miracle drug that threatens to destroy humankind, then throw in a boy thats perfect for me. Yep, that's my life. I'm Kat Johnson, zombie hunter.

This Is Not the End

The apocalypse has finally happened, Yoru, Mizu, Hono-o, Sora, and unfortunatly Iwa are all trying to survive. They are trapped on the Island nation of japan and have to make they're way in this new world
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