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La Pioneer

As a lawyer who is always distracted with piling court assignments and also the pressure of the tiring realities of the world, Lee Ara never thought that death would come so quickly for her. Being a victim in the midst of a serious case that she handles can indeed be said to be pathetic, but transm...

Lore, The Last Mirror Witch

When Lore, a young, Mortal girl who works in the Castle, discovers that she has magical abilities, she runs away to escape the brutal punishment given to magic wielders. She then goes on a journey to discover who she really is, while learning new secrets of the magic realm. Along with Orion, a pessi...
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RUI CHOURYANA is among the hunted. She has become one of the most despised and feared individuals in Estenzia - infected with a deadly and mysterious curse that left her with terrifying and unnatural powers. Propelled by her burning desire to survive, Rui learns she is capable of doing whatever it t...


未来之事何人知晓? 若早知当日? 世上何来早知? 若,真有呢?

The Butterfly Tattoo (My Forced Marriage) *Finished*

"You will marry me and that is final!" he yelled at her. "I will never marry you! Not now or never! I don't love you!" "Oh we will see about that."

leveret (m. various x f. reader)

You almost didn’t believe the rumors before the night you entered the forest. Consequently, you were now thrown into a new god forsaken world, one seemingly paralled to your own, with a couple of stubborn men who get clingier as the days pass. As if working against your favor, none of them made your...

The Ice Magi

Everyone knows the tale of the ice magi. The sorceress who froze over the entire kingdom of Lacuna for the demon king. They say that she lives atop the tallest tower in a castle encased in ice, the old king's palace. They say that if you should kill her, the ice will melt and the sun will return...

Daughter of Death and Darkness

Zeus sees the disgust piling up upon the Earth's surface and grows concerned. Not being able to think of anything else for a solution, he results to asking aid of his brother, Hades, in the Underworld.

The Whispers of Aezoth: The Runaway

Ray Smother never wanted to be an assassin, maybe a warrior or a bodyguard, but never an assassin, but when she had the chance, she ran. Ran away from the place that completely stole her from her home when she was younger. The Chimeras. While she was running, she ran into the queen-in-waiting, Princ...

Deus Ex Machina

Wheels of fate will always turn, but when a small stone got caught in between, everything will change forever. Swift as shadows, short as a dream, it all faded away before her eyes without being able to control it.

The Elites

𐀔Being chosen to live in the castle with the Royals is said to be an opportunity gifted by the gods. But for Verena, it’s one of the worst events that could ever happen. Nothing of the Royal lifestyle is attractive or appealing to her. When Verena is chosen the only problems she can think of are ann...

I'm the Daughter of A Genius!

Kim Soon-Bok, Lived a life unknown to love and died miserably, Until she gets a second chance to live again! She goes back 10 years before the story originally takes place in the novel, “The Princess’ Glass Heart” when she meets the Villain Antonio everything starts to crumble and rivalry starts ins...

The Last Unicorn

A unicorn saved Rosaline's life. What if she has to save him too? But first, she has to save herself...

The Draconic Compendium

Dragons, a major staple of fantasy storytelling, as well as mythology and cultural history. This is to be a guidebook of sorts on the many named dragons recorded throughout time from all over the world. This will be in no particular order, but rather I will create entries whenever i learn enough abo...

The Witch's Orphan

NOTE: THIS STORY WON’T BE FURTHER UPDATED UNTIL IT’S FULLY COMPLETED. Raised in a Catholic orphanage her entire life, Cerys has always been a fiery, tempestuous and rule-breaking girl with a rebellious attitude. Isolated by her peers and hated by many of the nuns, she often finds herself in situati...


من یه ملکه ام.فراتر از انتظار زیباتر از ماه و ستاره ها و زیرک تر از روباه و خرگوش قصه ها.

The Wide-Awake Princess

It is a little known fact that when Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger and sends herself to sleep for 100 years, only her younger sister, Annie, is resistant to ALL magic. Now it's up to her to save her sister - Prove the storybook's wrong!

Beauty, Love, and Justice~FINISHED!~

«My version of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame»

Blooming Of The Lotus

Lu Xing discovers how to live and fight the way she believes is right. She's a Warrior first. And thinks she is unable to be a housewife..... will her view change when she meets the Oldest Ma boy?
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