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wonton soup

The Mere, known to humans as mermaids, were considered mythical creatures for many long years. That is until Ms. Smith's employees found a Mere tangled in one of their fishing nets. The first Mere ever caught, to be kept a secret to the public, instead a private pet for her stepdaughter. Miliin...

A Kingdom Cursed

Amberlynn has been raised in a castle her whole life where everything she ever wanted was handed to her on a silver platter but now everything has changed. Her kingdom has fallen in the hands of a sorceress, she’s thrust into an adventure that she never wanted and the only way to save her kingdom is...
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Cry of the Mer

Katherine Waters has several goals on her list. Waking up in the stark, sterile environment of an underground lab, part of a secret and illegal experiment definitely didn't make the cut. Nor did discovering not only were mermaids not the stories of legends people thought they were, but advanced ...

Breaking Waves

Being a prince sucked. Being a merman prince of an entire ocean sucked even more. Since he was a guppy, Prince Miguel was destined to inherit his father's crown and rule the South Atlantic ocean along with his predestined mermaid bride. And with his nation on the brink of war, he must marry earl...

Dive - A Mer Story

“I want!” “What is it you want? Tell me and you get another strawberry.” The creature speaks Finley’s name for the first time through his pointed teeth. And while it isn't perfect quite yet, Finley thinks it’s the most beautiful sound he has ever heard. - When a young and severely injured merman...

The Knights' Quest

Short story I wrote for a creative writing class this year. Decided I would publish just to see if anyone enjoyed it. All comments, critiques, and suggestions are welcome!

The Sea's Protector- My Tale of A Tail

I was just your normal, everyday loser of a girl. Until I met a dying mermaid, got these insane powers, and was chucked in to the world of the magical and unexplainable that's not supposed to be real. Sweet.

Siren Song

Princess Marina of Oceana is not just any mermaid. With the exception of being a princess, she is also half siren. Gifted with an exceptional singing voice and extreme beauty, it's no surprise that she has a boyfriend. But he isn't a prince. And when the pair separate and Marina meets a prin...

Mermaid on Display

Salacia is a mermaid. When she's discovered and captured, she doesn't know if she'll ever return home to the sea, which is the only place she can escape her terrible, hidden past.

Lost in a Dream *DISCONTINUED*

(Y/N) (L/N) is suddenly thrown into a seriously messed up world with even more messed up stuff she will uncover along the way. Join her and her equally weird friends on they're journey filled with fantasy and magic. But beware; not everything pretty on the outside is pretty on the inside, after ...

Blood in the Water

Basil is a mermaid in captivity. The aquarium that houses him prides themselves on having "The only mermaids in captivity," and thousand of people come from around the world everyday. Basil thinks he's seen everything, but there is so much out there that he couldn't even imagine. Th...


Maria is interested in all things to do with the marine life, so she often visits the beach nearby. Her favourite place is some caves were the water almost glows. One day she notices a pearl on her book.

тнε вσσк σғ мεямαιds~

~A magical book categorizing all the different types of mermaids!~ Which one are you most like? ~More content to be added soon, so stay tuned!~

Mermaids whisper

Cynthia and her friends Katen and Paige discover so many surprises behind their special secret that could get them in big trouble, or maybe even make them a hero! It all started on Mako island. Discover more in " Mermaid whisper"!

Mermaid Spell(s)

This is a collection of mermaid spells that I have created. Some of them will be from my friends, as well. Please DO NOT steal the spells that we have created, those are ours and ours alone. We will report you for copyright infringement and theft. Thank you! (C) @UndergroundKrystals 2017-2018 @Under...

The Mermaid and the Teen *FINISHED*

Clary has always been a creature of the sea,but what happens whens she drawn to the human Tristan,the one species band from her life.She wants to be with him, but with the Siren war raging, how could they ever be together? A girl from the sea and the boy on the land...

Golden Purity

Marina Golden is a normal 16 year old girl, She's the captain of the diving team, has her best friends and a guy that has fallen deeply in love with her not knowing. But everything changed once she fell into the spell of a sea cave ! She's not even human anymore.

The Water

Delila always loved the woods, and the water. Her parents always laughed when they remembered how they feared telling her it was time to leave the river. She just loved it that much. So what happens when she stumbles upon a waterfall in the forest?

A Mermaid's Life

(The cover picture is form the show, H20: Just Add Water, an Australian Mermaid Series) Haylinne Gutyese is just a simple 15 year old girl who has just moved to Australia. (Mako Island is where Mermaids get formed) She is having a great time, until her mean brother, Jeremy put her in a boat while sh...
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