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Zeherila (Poisonous)

'Zeherilas' are a poisonous rose flower that can turn into the most beautiful humans. They breed by kissing humans, who will then turn into Zeherilas. If a Zeherila doesn't kiss someone by their 18th birthday, they die. Otherwise, Zeherilas are immortal. Zeherilas are said to be a legen...


Alex is a thief and pickpocket in the desert city of Trall, eking out an existence amongst the other dregs and scum. Her life is chaotic, but stable, trapped in her role as she is. However, such a thing can't possibly last when the entire world is overturned and uplifted by a black-eyed legion. ...
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Xiang and the Kung Fu

This is a fantasy story set in a world full of Kung-Fu. Stay tuned ...

Scout’s tale (discontinued)

This is the tale of a 16 year old sky child named Scout, she lost her father from being drafted to Eden and her mother is always away from home. She lives out her life in bliss, yet wishes to complete her father’s mission.

20,000 Light Years 2

The saga continues, Delcross has to crack an algorithm and Sateltron has to face a monster who is free from his bonds. Also, Phantis has to face her biggest fear, The royalty itself, and rise from the ashes to become Queen Phantis Karonova.

20,000 Light Years 3

The Saga continues with their journey into the Confederation and busting out a major corporation, and Facing the war between the Unified forces and The liberators. Resulting in their meet with their greatest enemy Gearik Legion

20,000 Light years 1

In a distant dystopian future, a saga begins a race to find the evil. Rustone and Delcross 2 friends unite in a prison and begin a journey into beyond.


United States of America is in an unpleasant phenomenon; the country needs the braves and saviors to maneuver her odds. However, this leads to the advent of four saviors: the air bender, the earth bender, the water bender and the magic custodian. What's USA's plight afterwards?

365 Days of Writing Prompts!

Ehehehe... this is going to be similar to my 60 writing prompts - except it's 365. All references to real names is probably not a coincidence. Enjoy ^-^ COVER BY SNUGGLY: Snuggly :D


(various yandere/reader) The emperor is a cannibal who eats his children. You, his only remaining heir, have three choices: death, marriage, or regicide.

Not enough time

It's been over a decade since the battle of there lives, Harry finally is able to settle down with his new family when tables start to turn. It will take everything in both him and his friends to over come the near future. Harry grows close to people he never thought he would give a second chanc...

Era 6 (OC Collection)

Enter the fantasy world of Nevervale, destroyed and revived six times over and yet finding ways to thrive from generation to generation. Search the personal profiles of gods and men alike to piece together the ancient and mysterious history of a world scarred by conflict. All original characters ava...

Grey Fall: The Judgeless Jury

The Jury has spoken... This world relies on magic, but as the generations have gone from one to the other, people began to believe that some magic isn't as pure as others. That's when Judgement began. No one is safe, not even the prince of his own kingdom. Prove your worth, your strength, a...


This is a self-indulgent story a friend and I have been working on for a while. When Crimson is at the top, in the title (chapter), it's my friend writing the chapter, not me. When it's Capring at the top, that's me. The quality may not be at its best, but I'm attached to the story. ...

Book of Truths

My personal journal of life experiences and the exploration of myself and all aspects of my own mind. The encounters I have in my dreams and all the things that leave an impression on me. It is my personal wish for this book to be seen, my personal wish to find anyone out there who can relate to me ...

wonton soup

The Mere, known to humans as mermaids, were considered mythical creatures for many long years. That is until Ms. Smith's employees found a Mere tangled in one of their fishing nets. The first Mere ever caught, to be kept a secret to the public, instead a private pet for her stepdaughter. Miliin...

Dairy of a Mad Cat

The log where I keep my personal details... for the entire world to see! Such is the life of an open book.

A Brother's Determination

A younger twin brother of a Champion's son whose declining health forced him out of an already lackluster schooling situation, only to find that the small amounts of time he had been able to train were to be put to the test before anyone would have liked them to.

Bloodstone Chronicles: Threads upon Threads

A boy who can see the future. A girl who can speak any language and throw her voice at will. A boy who can move faster than the eye can see. The heavy hand of fate rests upon their shoulders. Will they crumble under the pressure?

The Life I Lost

Phoebe thought she was a normal girl, until she was transported into a magical world overnight... literally! Suddenly, she's a whole new person. With war brewing, how will Phoebe adapt and learn to leave behind her old life, the life she lost? This started from a writing prompt by Hidden craves ...
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