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Anthropophagic Revenants

When the country goes quarantine and is overrun with an undead outbreak, freshly released Jack has to travel the timezones to bring his kids to one of the last safe places. It's going to be a long road trip for everyone.

Dear Diary, It's the End of the World

The zombie apocalypse has come. You try to survive one miserable day at a time. One day, you take shelter in a house and find an old, blood soaked diary. What stories lie within? Who wrote in it, and how long did they make it? Turn the page.
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The Day Evil Won

What happens when you live in a world where the dead has risen, tearing human beings shred by shred? In a world where you have to fight to survive, you have to kill to continue on? In a world where the undead aren't the only thing you should be worried about..


English Narravtive Assignment... Yeah...

Creative writing: personification || the heart of old ozymandias

a short story from a prompt to personify something, at a 700 word maximum || THE HEART OF OLD OZYMANDIAS


An epidemic breaks out in America, spreading rapidly and hospitalizing millions. It had seemed like it was just what it was, an epidemic, but it was more than that. It was more than anyone would have ever expected. Only a day after a new year began the hospitalized people stopped showing vital signs...

Zombie Apocalypse (interactive adventure)

Sometimes, the impossible becomes the possible. Fiction becomes real. (Y/n) learns this quickly as a zombie outbreak starts in the state of Texas (where she lives) and she has to learn to survive by taking chances and making split-second decisions. This interactive adventure is full of surprises, de...


A collection of short stories taking place in a world ravaged by biological warfare and inhabited by creatures who have lost their humanity.

A War We May Not Win

It's the year 2020 and the Apocalypse has finally hit. However this virus is much more modified, the zombies actually able to process their thoughts for moments in time, infect animals and even evolve into something our imagination can barley fathom. Follow along as Roselyn struggles to survive ...

Forgotten (Nuclear Apocalypse Short Story)

I live in the ruins of a forgotten world. A world that was destroyed by a war, a pointless war. That took everything away, my family, my friends, my way of life. I was the only one to survive, and soon, all my memories, the people i knew, everyone...will be forgotten.

Unicorn apocalypse

Belle is just a normal highschooler who gets tranford to a new school...what will happen once she goes. Warining: i cant spell so i am sorry if i spelled thing wrong

Can't save them

The zombie apocalypse started. No one is safe and no one can save them.

Zombie Apocalypse

Hey! Just thought I'd make some stories for different causes for the zombie apocalypse. I shall put what the cause is and what it does/means at the beginning of each story. I hope you guys like them. I've only got Nanobots(POSTED), Neurogenesis(POSTED), Rage Virus(POSTED), Neurotoxins(WIP), ...

Dead Rising

This kid named Brady and his fellow survivors have to find a way to survive this cruel world.He is going to loose all his loved ones during this battle but he has to do what's right.

7 friends, and a load of zombies

University life was completely normal. Leaving home, going of to get dependent, ready for the exciting life of a new independent adult. But what if everything went downhill from there? Jasmine Turner 20 years old, 2nd year of studying law. Deciding to stay in one night to study, she hears screams o...

If I Die Before I Wake

This is a short Apocalypse prologue thing I just thought up. This is meant to just kind of stop there but if I get good reviews or something I'll continue if you'd like. Comments are greatly appreciated. Thank You.


A young girl has the perfect life, the perfect family, and the perfect friends. That is until a brain parasite gets out and spreads through thousands of people, including her family making them crazy zombie like things...

Highschool apocalypse

When a zombie apocalypse occurs at westside highschool a group of students band together to survive.


Another short horror story I wrote, enjoy!

"Peaked"-Dystopian Short Story

"It was May 12th, 2028 when the Peak virus was released. The military first made it to keep soldiers alive longer in the war against the Middle East, but unfortunately it didn’t work out like that." ...... This was a short story I had to write for my English class in our Dystopia unit. I hop...
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