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Once Upon an End

Once upon a time a young girl lived, she wanted to be normal, had dreams and fears, was insecure, and a demon's offspring. Searching for a purpose she only found guilt. When her father came, the girl was afraid, a demon wants her, why doesn't she want him too? Run, she ran away, but they hun...

Heretic Of The Midwest

Halston Fey isn’t your normal teen. Born to a Human and Archdemon, she is exactly aware of her standing in the world. Relocated from her town in Finland to live in Minnesota with her adoptive parents, she thought her problems would go away but they didn’t. In fact they got worse. When word of a myst...
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Japanese Horror Stories and Urban Legends

According to ghost stories in Japan there are spirits everywhere, even in the strangest of places. Unlike the US, where the most haunted places are either graveyards or abandoned places (usually houses hospitals, or insane asylums), Japan's ghosts are literally EVERYWHERE!-- from the streets to ...

The Visions of the Dark

All our imaginations and visions have a dark side that we don't explore. All the stories in book have a haunted ending that will make you crave for more!! Enjoy!

The Others

17 year old Eliana Torres doesn't believe in the paranormal. While the city of Ash Valley believe in and fear the paranormal & the elusive Hungry Demons, Eliana decides to challenge the myth by taunting the so called creatures, but the more she taunts and challenges this so called myth, she ...

to the demons that call out for me.

whisper sweet nothings, let the blood on your tongue coat the lies. (yandere x reader)

Death of the Soul

Foxglove Trail is the one place someone would want to avoid if they know about violent Fae. It’s also the very trail Belle and Camile have decided to embrace on their journey to the church atop the hill. Lying within the Westridge National Park, rumors surround the Foxglove Church. Some say it’s the...

Lucifer's Little Angel: Satan's Daughter

You ever wonder what it's like to be Satan's daughter, second-in-command, surrounded by fallen angels and demons, seeing as you're the only girl that does Satan's bidding? Follow the life, or rather, afterlife of Alexia as she finds out she is the heir to the Underworld. She meets t...

Connect The Cuts.

Amanda is a fifteen year old psychopath, although her friends look past the disturbing thoughts that tumble out of her mouth at random and her family refuses to believe a word the doctors tell them, she can't help but feel like she's being taken over by something powerful; something evil. An...

Broken Wing ~Finished~

~A role play story~ :) Seraphina is a teenage girl with supernatural abilities. She has a gaurdian angel named Aridessa that she's talked to since she was five. She can see and talk to spirits, which is why she gets bullied in school, though no one knows her real secret. They all think she talks...

Sabastian's Daughter

Once you do something wrong, you can never be able to fix it. It is easily said than done. Would anyone like to get in my way? Wait for it....

Rise of the Nephilim [first 2 chapters]

Kaine Valkyr. the Angel/Demon hybrid, reaper born under the legendary Dragon seal. he is the one that has to bring balance to the main order of the human world, that is infected with Demons, fallen angels, dark angels and all other kinds of unnatural things. 2 girls and twin sisters, class mates of ...

The ARK AU Demonology

This is in working progress, and things will be added as created~! Ideas are credited to @.DragonGoddess - @.starsandashes - @.Alwaydoubletap. THIS MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS TO HORROR AND GORE!


The demon he Scare's me ,he hurts me,but he loves me.

Secrets In The Dark

They tortured her...They abused her...They ignored her...They hurt her. And now it was their turn. For she had befriended, not just any thing. A malevolent and merciless demon. Now, everyone of them will be killed, no one will be spared. And by no one, I really do mean no one.

Morpheus's Gift

The short-lived story of Emma. I will update by chapter as I get new ideas, and based on the reception of the story. Just be prepared: things aren't as they seem.

I Should Never Have Followed It.

When I was younger, I had an experience that still terrifies me to this day.

The eyes that give me nightmares (Yandere!Demons x Reader)

Yandere!Demons x Reader You had been free for a year and then you forgot about the window and here you were...trapped and dying in this demons messed up 'relationship' with you. You never wanted any of this. But if course, as long as he has you and isn't hurting anybody it's fine rig...

A Spiritual and Paranormal Guide

A book that touches in the paranormal and spiritual subjects, including frequencies (vibrations), ghosts, fairies, advice, and more. PMs are open for anything, and feel free to offer chapter ideas.
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