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Eyes Like Looking Glass.

Chris Cerulli was never meant to be anything but who he was. A performer, a boyfriend maybe, a brother, a son. But never a father. That was never in his cards. Apparently, fate didn't get that memo. When Chris discovers he has a child he never knew existed, will he take on this new and unexpecte...

The Maid

Hazel is a maid for the Tyson family, one of the richest families in the world. Hazel has seen things she wasn't meant to see, and things that ruined her innocence. Now, almost two years later, Hazel is a manipulative flirt instead of the shy and innocent girl she once was. All because of the Ty...
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MacDouglas Family Manor

19 year old Payton is an art major who happens to be obsessed with all things horror. One Halloween night, a mysterious letter appears at their doorstep inviting them to a seemingly innocent haunted attraction. That is, however, until things start happening that make Payton question the reality arou...

Somehow We Need To Survive.

When a group of friends gets driven into the zombie apocolypse, their worlds are destroyed. The teenagers, who are all gamers, travel through friendships, fights and sometimes even worse scenarios. All to stay alive, but will they every succeed with their whole group of friends together?

The Boy Who Lost It All

The first story I ever made in a while.

Imaginary friend

Ever since I was little I had an imaginary friend named Emmaline. It's creepy because I didn't remember her until I was talking about baby names with my family and I said a bunch of "old f...

His Family (Sequel to Mine and Only Mine)

Last Time we saw Leah she had decided she wanted to try and be with Carter. Her baby was born. It was a boy she named him Aiden. What happens when she starts getting text messages from Carson? What about when her and Aiden are kidnapped by him?

Girl Gone Crazy

This is a sad story. Trigger warnings: #death, #murder, #cannibalism


"I looked up at him, he was so gorgeous. His bright green eyes pierced my heart like knives. I wanted nothing more than to kiss him, to just feel his lips on mine. In that very moment I knew I needed him."

Teacher Says

Sam Dover is like any other second-grader in the nineties. He's cheerful, loves baseball and hates broccoli. When he starts coming home with unexplained bruises and having nightmares every night, his parents become concerned. They call in Leslie Wolfe, a child psychologist, to unearth what is ha...

Forgive Me?

After Vincent dies, the souls are still haunting the pizzeria with him and Vincent is forced to face what he has done and say sorry...but could the children of the pizzeria really find it in them to forgive him?

The Clown - An Original Short Story

This is a short story I wrote after reading about the faked clown appearances in South Carolina in which they lied about kidnapping children. I know this story is dark, but I write whatever comes to mind. I thought this story could be the beginning for something larger in time, so I just wanted to s...

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Harold Smith killed his wife and sons and then his daughter has killed him. Rebecca is really Megan Smith, the daughter of the killer Harold Smith, and now she doesn't have to hide from him anymore. But a question runs through her and everyone's mind. Is Harold Smith really dead? Rebecca ...

Lexie, The Past. (Past story)

In this story the events which happened, before the "Lexie" story, take place. Basically how Lexie became who she is.

The Youth Forestry Camp (Shortstory)

The Youth Forestry Camp is a place for troubled youth to learn vocational skills and get in touch with nature. After a long struggle with crime, Benny's family finally agrees to admit him into the camp-- but when the program loses funding, he is never seen again. Officials claim that he never ex...

Life or Death

My name's Jade im 11 and i'm a Suicidal Depressed lesbian with mental health issues ,my Birthdays the 1rst of May, and i am NoT a straight-A student ! Sixth grade has been a great year but now i need to get ready for seventh grade. i'm hoping seventh grade is kinda like how everyone desc...

My last days

The 2012 theory... everybody wonders once and a while. But what about a slight twist, maybe something nobody ever thought of. A zombie apocalypse.

Not A Complete Failure

Me: My God! Amy: Man, how the hell did he do this? Me: AND NOBODY EVEN SAW IT! Amy: Hey Daniel, calm down man. Me: Yea you're right. Let me calm down. *Ring* *Ring* *Ring* *Ring* My phone started ringing. I checked the caller id...it was Antonio. What happens when a man finally gets out of priso...

Alone on the streets

Emily has been homeless since she was 11 and still has nightmares of the day everything burned away.now,she's 16 and a leader in an all girl gang that helps any girl of any age off the streets and into a warm house.with one exception.if they want to be helped,they must join the gang for 5 to 10y...
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