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Scary Japanese Urban Legends [SULs]

Hi! This is the author :) I wrote all the urban legends here on another account that was taken down by quotev for "copyright" around a year ago. Though I think I know why. I contacted them twice and nothing happened. So, I decided to just rewrite all of these urban legends one-by-one here. A...

Reality or Just a Dream

This is a very quick story i managed to right, taking inspiration from one of my actual dreams.
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Don't Play These Games

The internet has an interesting relationship with rituals. If you go searching, you'll find dozens upon dozens of them, from the terrifying to the, uh... not very well written. Their purposes range from summoning spirits, to gaining something such as good fortune, or to seemingly just give the p...

Centrepiece ( Yandere!Demon!Gang x reader)

You've lived a simple life, so you thought it'd be fun to go on the news when your work offered the opportunity. Little did you know, that would what gets you on a powerful mans radar. He drags you to an underworld of monsters, and all because he knows one thing. You will never love him. ***...

Scary Stories

Probably all of the stories you'll here. Some of these are Japanese Urban Legends, some are normal (Not crazy Japs legends) legends, some are scary stories, some are ghost stories, some are from that book thing and some are just plain old crap from ''Witnesses'' apparently. Enjoy...

The Halloween Goddess - Femdom Story

A goddess invades the world on Halloween.

Sᴄᴀʀʏ Uʀʙᴀɴ Lᴇɢᴇɴᴅs Wᴏʀʟᴅᴡɪᴅᴇ

Evil lurks in every corner of the world. There are many urban legends worldwide that has scared children and adults.

My Dearest Friend. ~Michael Myers~(ON HOLD)

Name: Kitty Strode. Age: 17 (Michael is 27). Height: 5'6". Looks: Dark brown waist length hair with 4 bright purple streaks, dark brown eyes, kinda pale, curvy build. Personality: Moth...

Voorhees meets Myers *UPDATED*

This is about 2 killers that become friends :) Like, comment anything ♥ Not done

The Morrison House Haunting

There is a story called Morrison House on this site which is a complete rip-off of my story. Here is the original written in 2007 by me Michael Webster...


"Yo-you're my sister's babysitter?" He stuttered. I chuckled and nodded yes. His eyes scanned my body as he ran his fingers through his hair smirking. "Well maybe I can watch after you tonight instead." He continued. I rolled my eyes and turned to watching Scream 4. "...

Jack o Lantern

If you ever see the creature moving jerkily and it has a pumpkin on its head with the eyes glowing green. Just run.


This is a horror story i wrote in English class I'm sorry, I'm bad a descriptions

"Friends Forever, Mikey?" "Always."

Violet Rose is - was Michael Myers' best friend from child hood. She didn't know what she was to him now though. What happens when Michael breaks out of the sanitarium to find his best friend? I don't own Halloween or any of the characters i own Violet *INCOMPLETE*

Sam's Halloween shorts.

Follow the mischievous Halloween guardian on his adventures on Halloween and all year around.

Boarding School Nightmare

This is part of my month of mysteries project. This particular story is about a boarding school ghost story. month-of-mysteries.tumblr.com/

Circus of Darkness

When two girls visit a halloween circus performance, they find that the ringmaster has much more control over the circus, and its visitors than they bargained for.


Told from the perspective of a psychopath as he puts in line two girl who dared to try and escape his clutches

The dare

This story is about a group of 10 teenagers who dared their paranoid friend by calling a satanic spirit and things go very wrong...they get cursed for 10 days and they fight the spirit...find out what happens while reading it. WARNING: there is profanity but it's bleeped with keyboard characters
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