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Hidden Beneath the City

After Texas separated from the United States (thus making it no longer bound to the rules of the Constitution), society collapsed. A dictatorship was almost immediately established, and the rights of most minorities (especially women) were stripped away. Realizing that they could no longer live in t...

A Time For Sharing Secrets

I think I wrote this in 7th or 8th grade. Basically, there were certain vocabulary words that we had to use, so I based my story around a more eerie setting, involving a "haunted" house.
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MacDouglas Family Manor

19 year old Payton is an art major who happens to be obsessed with all things horror. One Halloween night, a mysterious letter appears at their doorstep inviting them to a seemingly innocent haunted attraction. That is, however, until things start happening that make Payton question the reality arou...

Haunted by Kuchisake-Onna, The Slit Mouthed Woman

Strange things have been happening, things I cannot explain... 'HELP!' a distant voice yells, I was already freaked out let alone hear a voice the last thing I wanted to do was follow where it came from but being the idiots my friends are they said 'come on, let's go see what it is, ...

A Visit to Ward Six

The story follows a young nurse visiting a forbidden and abandoned ward, only to find an insane yet charming patient waiting for her. Other than the obsession of the reckoning, the man appeared normal and slowly became closer and closer to the nurse.

Haunted Catalina

True storys and the history of the island and guide to paranormal activity. storys from the book by Robert J. Wlodarski and Anne Nathan-Wlodarski.

Scary Stories 2 *finished*

Another bunch of Scary stories, and urban legends i found that will probably scare you. Enjoy :)

The Thirteenth Floor

After a night of fun, three teenagers make a bet that the others won't be able to stay in a supposedly "haunted" hotel room for an entire night. *This is an extended fiction, a sequel if you will, to the movie, or short story, 1408 by Stephen King. The idea of writing came from the movi...


Kidnappings. Murders. Hauntings. Rosedale town could never be more creepy. What happens if a little town secret, could lead to more greater and horrific events. No one is safe in this town.

Teena-Rayleen, Jessie-Lee, And The House

Teena, her twin brother, Jessie, and their best friend Rufus live in the rural country side of Tennessee. A few days earlier, they had found out about an old abandoned hut near their house. So they decide to investigate, but something goes terribly wrong.


This is a horror story i wrote in English class I'm sorry, I'm bad a descriptions

My Experience with Bragg Road

Bragg Road is a haunted road in East Texas, where supposedly, a light can be seen if you drive down it at night. This story is the true account of my experience on the road.

Stories of haunted and creepy dolls

We have all heard of those haunted dolls, but haven't you ever wanted to know the story behind them? Who they really are and why they do what they do? Well here are a few stories of some infamous haunted dolls!

Top 10 Haunted Places

Midnight is the one who requested for more but this time it's Top 10 Haunted Places

Licca-Chan the japaneese doll

Licca-chan is a Japaneese doll thats their version of americans barbie doll, but if you look at her her body looks like our barbie, but her head looks like a Blyth doll that comes with the littelest pet shop toys. If you throw away this doll she will come back and seek HORRIFYING REVENGE!

Secrets In The Dark

They tortured her...They abused her...They ignored her...They hurt her. And now it was their turn. For she had befriended, not just any thing. A malevolent and merciless demon. Now, everyone of them will be killed, no one will be spared. And by no one, I really do mean no one.

Game of Death in a Haunted House

This is a short story I wrote for an english assignment. (I've just started High School, and already need to write stories... yay...) It's one of the ones I'm semi-proud of :)

Bloody Murder

She is a doll. A simple doll. But it's her who has caused so much fear, grief and deaths. She haunts the house and its inhabitants. (This is a story following Annabelle and The Conjuring) Cover drawing: Blue Moon


What happens when your doll decides it's playtime?

Some of the Most Haunted Places in the World

WARNING! Some content may be disturbing to some people. Reader's discretion advised!
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