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Detention Til Dawn

People, especially parents, all over the world praise Iris High School for their top-notch student reform program. Degenerate students come into the detention facility and spend an entire night there. They come out of the school when the sun rises as a newly reformed member of society. They become c...

Age of Silver

There were once two types of assassins: Light Assassins and Dark Assassins. Both types of assassins held opposing morals, but were connected through a holy contract. After a century of war, the Dark Assassins disappeared as a whole. Everything in the world is connected by the balance between yin and...
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[Yandere!Boys X Reader] Aurumgrove Institute accommodates the wealthy, high-status, exceedingly intelligent, and exceptionally talented students of the serene country Soezu. An endearing boy who represents a white lily, and a cold-eyed boy who is the embodiment of a living rock, recently transfer i...


Kidnapped is a story about a 18 year old girl who was kicked out of her house to go start a life in New York City. While trying to find a job she walks in on a gang member robbing a store and 3 other members kidnap her so she cant tell the police. Throughout her time being kidnapped she grows to lov...


Some call her mad, many call her beautiful, and countless would love to have her. But one day suddenly, she disappears. Last seen by outsiders getting into a carriage with her mother and governess, Florence Cassius is carted off to an asylum for the upperclass' mad ones without anyone knowing. H...

I Think My Butler Is a Psycho

Life changes for Sally-Anne the moment a new butler is assigned to work under her. He seems polite, hard-working and kind at first, however not everything is what it seems. Sally-Anne just prays he doesn't find her journal entries.

Am I Crazy?

Sarah Tate is an average girl living in her average world, until one morning going to school her whole world changes. In this world she doesn't exist and she finds herself locked up in the insane asylum where her school once stood. Will she ever be able to return...? (O.o)

Goodbye Sanity

This is the diary of a sick and twisted girl. Growing up and growing insane in the world around her. Little Kat is living a pretty hard life... Her mother is crazy (literally), her younger siblings tempted death and her dad died when she was seven. Shes never lived a normal day in her life.. ever. ...

Insanity (Yandere x reader)

In 2051, ww3 had long since happened and global warming had become a problem people could no longer ignore. Society was still rebuilding itself after the war, and the population had dramatically fallen to just 22 million people worldwide. (y/n) is an officer working for the FBI, and since people are...

A Visit to Ward Six

The story follows a young nurse visiting a forbidden and abandoned ward, only to find an insane yet charming patient waiting for her. Other than the obsession of the reckoning, the man appeared normal and slowly became closer and closer to the nurse.


A little girl controls the physical form of a teenager body and gets her locked up in a asylum. But what they don't know is the real story. They all think shes crazy. As she tells the story there are hideous backflashes that are descriptively vivid.


How do you know this is real?

Death Wants To Play (ON HOLD)

“Princess… Open up.” A smooth voice said. “Wh- Who are you?” I demanded, turning my head to the window. “…” “What do you want from me?” I cried. “Come on… I just want to play.” He said and chuckled. “…Who are you?” my voice cracked. “…Death.” ~ I dialed 911 and waited. “I’m sorry,but… the pol...


[SEQUEL]It's been a year since they took her to the asylum. It's been a year since she last saw David, or anyone associated with him. It's been a year since she killed someone........but they still won't let her out. Why? She's insane.....she's psychotic..........she's Al...


Some people will do anything to get what they want.

Grasping Sanity

This story may scare the weak, it may make you cry. This story is a story of a girl, and how...she lost everything, possibly, even her sanity. It's all the fault of something that doesn't even exist.

Insanity Is A Beautiful Thing.

My name is Insania, I live in a controlled environment. By controlled environment I mean a sectioned off part of a laboratory, created just for me. Don't I feel special?

SeIKo'S pLUngE inTo InSAnitY

This is my prediction of how Seiko would go insane if she survived being hung, and didn't run away like in Book of Shadows. She's my favorite character, and I just LOVE Corpse Party, so I felt I had to write this. Hope you like :3 WARNING: contains some swear, some blood, a splattered human,...

Going Under

Derik Sanders an antisocial 18 year old has a horrible past. It haunts him and slowly turns him insane. Untill he meets Ellen Page at his new school.
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